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Arctic and Antarctic climate change


Research focus

The observational basis and prognostic capabilities — ranging from weather forecasts via climate predictions to climate projections — are continuously improved by dedicated fieldwork providing new data and direct process understanding.


Present research priorities include:

  • Antarctic ice shelves.
  • field work in the ice-covered Arctic.
  • the “seamless” extension of the instrumental record with high-resolution paleo reconstructions.
  • disentangling oceanic and atmospheric influences on sea ice conditions (and vice versa).
  • the routing of freshwater, and polar weather and climate prediction, including predictability over land.
  • the general challenge of understanding the role of the polar regions in global climate.




Kerim Nisancioglu


“The fastest changes in climate now occur in the Arctic”, says Kerim H. Nisancioglu, leader of our Polar Climate research.


“More than ever, we need to be there to observe and to understand the processes behind these changes”.

Polar Climate research group


Research leader


Roshin P. Raj



Eystein Jansen
Steffen Jørgensen