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Guillaume Boutin

I am a physical oceanographer with a strong interest in sea ice. I obtained my PhD at the University of Western Brittany in Brest (France) in 2018. The topic was “Modelling of wave-ice interactions in the Arctic”.

I study sea-ice in interaction with the ocean, most often in the marginal ice zone where ocean—atmosphere interactions are affected by the presence of sea ice.

My research questions are: What happens when the ice is broken into small floes (usually by waves)? How important are small-scale sea-ice dynamics (for example small cracks in the sea ice) for the interaction between the ocean, sea ice, and atmosphere?

I am part of the development team for the sea ice model neXtSIM (next-generation sea ice model) developed at the Nansen Center. A large part of my work includes working with neXtSIM coupled with an ocean model and/or a wave model (NEMO and WAVEWATCH III), and improving this coupling.

Forsker / Researcher - Polar Climate

Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center

Jahnebakken 3, Bergen