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Stijn De Schepper

My main research interest is in paleoclimate, paleocenaography and paleoecology. My work is focused on the Quaternary to Pliocene of the polar regions and the North Atlantic, from the open ocean to the fjords. My main expertise is in marine palynology (dinoflagellate cysts), and I have worked with inorganic (stable isotopes and Mg/Ca of foraminifers) and organic (sea ice biomarkers) geochemistry. More recently, I am leading a group that is working with sedimentary ancient DNA for sea ice reconstructions and assessments of past marine biodiversity. I remain active in dinoflagellate cyst research, past warm climates of the Pliocene, long term evolution of the polar cryosphere, Quaternary and Pliocene paleoceanography, regional paleoenvironmental reconstructions and biostratigraphy.

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Forsker / Research Professor - Polar Climate

NORCE Climate and Environment

Jahnebakken 5, 5007 Bergen

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Phone: 56 10 75 50