Understanding climate
for the benefit of society

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Extreme events and abrupt changes to the climate system.


Research focus


We focus on understanding the causes and dynamics of extreme events and abrupt changes in the climate system, including identifying critical thresholds, understanding how such events develop, and what consequences they have. Furthermore, we are working towards improving predictions of the likelihood, extent and impact of climate hazards, and are collaborating with stakeholders in private and public sectors.


Some of our research questions are:

  • How will gradual climate change and thresholds in the climate system impact the frequency and severity of climate hazards?
  • How does internal climate variability contribute and influence the extremes? How does model bias influence the prediction of extremes?
  • Will the current committed warming trigger abrupt changes in sea level rise due to ice sheet collapse? 
  • What can we learn from extreme events, circulation changes, and warm climates of the past?
  • To what extent can society and industry adapt to extreme events, including flooding, sea level high stands, landslides and storms? 

Keywords: Tipping points, extreme weather, sea level rise, abrupt climate changes, glacier stability. 


Strategic projects


CLIFORD - CLImate change and sustainability in Norwegian FjORDs
SeaPR - Sea Level Projection and Reconstruction Unit



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Climate Hazards research group


Research leader
Stephen Outten 

Mari S. Myksvoll



Natasha Barbolini
Øivind Bergh
Antonio Bonaduce
Jan Magne Cederstrøm
David Chandler
Francois Counillon
Basile De Fleurian
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Natalya Gallo
Heiko Goelzer
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