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Nina Hecej

My name is Nina Hećej and I am a geologist from Croatia. I have finished my bachelor's and master's degrees at the Faculty of Mining, Geology, and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Zagreb, Croatia. Over the past five years, I have been working at the Croatian Geological Survey where I was involved in researching geohazards through implementation of remote sensing techniques.
In addition to this, I have been actively involved in researching Quaternary paleosols in Croatia to gather data about the past climates and conduct paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic reconstruction.
Recently I joined the GEO team at the University of Bergen, where I am pursuing a Ph.D. under the guidance of Professor Mathilde Bøttger Sørensen. My research aims to identify and analyze landslides and their triggering mechanisms using seismological and remote sensing data.

PhD Research fellow - Climate Hazards

Institutt for geovitenskap, UiB / Department of Earth Sciences, UiB

Dept. of Earth Science, UiB
Allegaten 41
5007 Bergen

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