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Marianna Anichini

I am strongly interested in acoustics and sound processing, with a predilection for underwater acoustics. I started my academic career investigating sound communication in many animal models and I have worked on analysing underwater soundscape.
At the moment, I am focusing on the detection, localization and analysis of geohazard events in the Arctic region using acoustics and seismological data.
Acoustic seismology of the Arctic region within the HiAOOS project framework.

My postdoc project is related to the EU-funded project “High Arctic Ocean Observation System”(HiAOOS), which aims to develop, implement, and validate several ocean-observing technologies in the ice-covered Arctic Ocean.

Postdoc - Climate Hazards

Institutt for geovitenskap, UiB / Department of Earth Sciences, UiB

Allégaten 41, Realfagbygget 5007, Bergen, Room 2B18c - 2123A

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