Understanding climate
for the benefit of society

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The processes that regulate the flows of carbon in the earth system on multiple timescales.


Research focus

  • How much of the human induced CO2 emissions are taken up by the ocean?
  • What are the consequences of the oceanic CO2 uptake in terms of ocean acidification?
  • What controls natural variations of the carbon cycle?
  • What do biogeochemical tracers tell us about water mass formation and ocean circulation?
  • What are the feedbacks between the climate system and biogeochemical processes in the ocean and on land?
  • How to include the marine sedimentary paleoclimate record in global ocean models?
  • How to include vegetation and soils in global climate models?


Keywords: carbon cycle, climate feedbacks, sustainability, glacial cycles, nutrients, oxygen.




Are Olsen – Karbonsystem, Carbon System



“The transformation to a low carbon society has to happen in the next ten years and insight into the carbon system is essential for this process”, says Are Olsen, leader of the Carbon System research theme.


“It is essential for defining the risks associated with the various possible emission pathways, for planning climate actions, and for evaluating their efficiency in reducing atmospheric CO2.


Our central goal is to provide this insight to society by developing and using the best possible models and observations.”

Carbon system research group


Research leader
Are Olsen

Jörg Schwinger


Medlemmer / Members

Ali Aasadi
Inge Althuizen
Pradeebane Vaittinada Ayar
Meike Becker
Timothée Bourgeois
Tristan Cordier
Damien Couespel
Xabier Dávila
Matvey Debolskiy
Chiara De Falco
Tor de Lange
Morgane Demeaux
Dagmar Egelkraut
Filippa Fransner
Friederike Fröb
Shuang Gao
Nadine Goris
Joseph Gaudard
Kjell Gundersen
Aud Halbritter
Bjarte Hannisdal
Christoph Heinze
Solfrid Hjøllo
Kristin Jackson-Misje
Emil Jeansson
Truls Johannessen
Steve Jones
Karolina Jörgensen
Tor Olav Kristensen
Camilla Landa
Siv Lauvset
Joshua Lynn
Joeran Maerz
Laurène Merrilet
Erik Askov Mousing
Pål Tore Mørkved
Jean Negrel
Ulysses Ninnemann
Are Olsen
Abdirahman Omar
Christian Hans Quintana
Jörg Schwinger
Edson Silva
Margit Simon
Øystein Skagseth
Ingunn Skjelvan
Morten Skogen
Tobias Steinhoff
Jerry Tjiputra
Vigdis Vandvik
Tsuyoshi Wakamatsu
Çağlar Yumruktepe


The researchers at the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research work with observations, theory and climate models. The research is organised in four thematic groups:

  • Global climate – led by Nele Meckler
  • Polar climate – led by Kerim Nisancioglu
  • The Carbon system – led by Are Olsen
  • Climate hazards – led by Stephen Outten