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Sonya Geange

Sonya is a Researcher working in Global Change Ecology at the University of Bergen, Norway. She is currently part of the DURIN research project, which focuses on the the underappreciated roles of dwarf-shrubs in responding to and influencing global climate in high latitude ecosystems. In particular, she is examining variation in dwarf-shrubs physiological and growth responses to climate, and their impacts on local microclimate conditions, and assessing how these outcomes can be used to parameterize dwarf-shrubs as a new plant functional type within a terrestrial ecosystem model.

Sonya is also actively involved in projects relating to invasive species, plant thermal tolerance, and establishing frameworks for how we assess adaptive capacity of species. Additionally, she has a keen interest in ensuring primary research is synthesized into policy reports and decisions at both national and international levels.

Researcher - Carbon System

Department of Biological Sciences, UiB

Thormøhlens gate 53 A 5006 Bergen

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