Bjerknessenterets mål er å forstå klima
til nytte for samfunnet.

Xabier Dávila

I did my PhD at the University of Bergen where I looked at the effect of large scale circulation on different biogeochemical properties. More specifically, I used an inverse ocean circulation model to explore the sensitivity of the Anthropogenic Carbon reservoir and Oxygen Minimum Zones. For my PostDoc I will be doing “water mass archeology” to reconstruct the freshwater forcing in the Southern Ocean in the past, as part of the Ocean:Ice project. I will exploit global existing measurements of 18-oxygen isotopes, salinity and temperature and trace those back to surface by rewinding the ocean circulation back in time. For this, I will be using the same inverse circulation model, the Total Matrix Intercomparison (TMI), which contains the mixing history and timescales of ocean circulation.  

Postdoc - Carbon System