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Ingunn Skjelvan

I am a senior researcher in the field of chemical oceanography, and my main research activities are connected to the coupled influence of physical, chemical, and biological processes on the marine carbon cycle, with special emphasis on carbon pumps and anthropogenic influences like ocean acidification. My primary tools for addressing these topics are time series data from fixed stations and measurements from Ships Of Opportunity (SOOP), and from this I have gained extensive experience in instrumentation for both discrete and autonomous measurements.

My research has primary been focused on the open and coastal Nordic Seas, but I have also been involved in one of the Iron Fertilization Experiments in the Southern Ocean. Since 2007, also the Red Sea marine carbon cycle has been on my agenda. I am PI for the biogeochemistry program at the fixed Station M (OWS M) in the Norwegian Sea, as well as PI for the SOOP line G.O. Sars, which is one of the marine lines in the infrastructure project ICOS-Norway. Further, I am PI for certifying ocean stations within the ICOS network in Europe. This work is performed within Ocean Thematic Centre (OTC), which is the marine central facility of ICOS.

Since 2013, I have been involved in the project Monitoring Ocean Acidification in the Norwegian Seas funded by the Norwegian Environment Agency. My newest project is NUBICOS, which started in January 2024 and aims at addressing new users of ICOS data.

Over the years I have been involved in a variety of outreach activities, e.g., popular science courses for primary schools, research cruises for high school students, and oral and written media contribution.

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