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Timothée Bourgeois

I am interested in studying the regional and global impacts of the present and future anthropogenic climate change on the ocean biogeochemistry using a range of models from regional ocean-only configurations to global Earth system models. In the Ocean Biogeochemistry research theme at NORCE Climate, affiliated to the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, the objective of my research is to reduce the uncertainties in the projection of the ocean anthropogenic carbon uptake ; assess the robustness of climate model projections with respect to thresholds and tipping points linked to the ocean biogeochemistry like oxygen and pH ; investigate the ocean biogeochemical implications of the climate feedbacks and their uncertainties under mitigation scenarios.

Forsker II / Researcher II - Carbon System

NORCE Climate and Environment

Jahnebakken 5, Bergen

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Phone: 56 10 75 66