Bjerknessenterets mål er å forstå klima
til nytte for samfunnet.

Being a Bjerknes member can give you various outreach opportunities. Here, Meike Becker talks to the participants at a climate cruise with the ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl. Photo: Gudrun Sylte

Outreach and Communication 

Get your science out to society.


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The Bjerknes Centre has prioritized outreach from the very start, and many of our scientists participate eagerly. Below are a few examples of activities.

Do you have an idea for something we can help out with? Use some of these as examples or inspiration, and contact Gudrun, Ellen and Siri (Andreas is on leave) in the communications team.

Our climate podcast

As we are located in Norway, the Norwegian public is the main audience for our outreach, but we also have English platforms, for example our own podcast. Among the topics in 2020 were the ice melt in Antarctica, heatwaves, the jet stream, storm tracks and a citizen snow science project.

The Bjerknes December Talks

Through December 2020 we published one video every day with a Bjerknes scientist covering a subject of their research, ranging from climate modeling to Norwegian fjords, from past to the future, and what is happening right now.

We helped the presenters with the script and presentation practice. 


Ask a climate scientist

In the online series Spør en klimaforskar i heimekontor – the public was invited to send us their questions about climate-related topics such as plants, the summer weather, sea level rise and more.

Marius Årthun on stage in the Grieg Hall, in front of the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra. (Foto: Ole Marius Kvamme)
Marius Årthun on stage in the Grieg Hall, in front of the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra. (Foto: Ole Marius Kvamme)

Next step (Neste steg)

A concert series in cooperation with the University of Bergen and the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, in celebration of science and the 50 year anniversary of the moon landing.

2 grader-magasinet
2 grader-magasinet

2 grader

Our researchers contribute to interviews and articles in the Norwegian Climate Foundation 2-grader (<2°C) magazine.

Today the content is mainly online, and distributed in Norwegian high schools.



A TV series for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) School programme, Klimavenn (Climate friend) is developed by the Bjerknes Centre, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and production company Pandora.

In Season 1, launched in February 2021, Morven Muilwijk and Mari Fjalstad Jensen are the hosts, and accompanying the series is a website with facts and tasks. 

Season 2 is recorded through 2021, where Ragnhild Gya participates.