Understanding climate
for the benefit of society

Sjøisdekke i Arktis

Hvordan oppstår sjøisen? Vil sjøisen i Arktis forsvinne når jorden blir varmere? Hvorfor er sjøisen veldig tjukk noen steder, og så tynn at vi kan dette igjennom andre steder? Hvor tjukk er den egentlig? Hva slags målinger har vi som viser at sjøisen har endret seg?


De planlagte nettmøtene i regi av ArnesenBancroft Expedition vil bli gjennomført selv om ekspedisjonen måtte avbrytes. Torsdag 15. mars svarer isforsker Lars Henrik Smedsrud på Bjerknessenteret på spørsmål om isdekke i Arktis. 

Faktaark: Isdekke i Arktis 

Tar pulsen på grasrota

På nettmøtet tar Smedsrud pulsen på grasrota, og det direkte fra Svalbard hvor han forbereder neste tokt. Responsen har vært helt enorm med 700-800 spørsmål. Smedsrud benytter anledningen til å svare et knippe barn og unge over hele verden, avliver myter og beroliger barn som er skremt:


Les alle svarene til Lars H. Smedsrud på ArnesenBancroft her eller se nedenfor: 

caleb britt, 2007-03-15 15:25:38.0

what do you do as a scientist?

You can check out my homepage. http://www.uib.no/People/ngfls/index2.html I work at the Bjerknes Centre that has good pages too; http://www.bjerknes.uib.no/default.asp?lang=2 You can also see the movie from the fieldwork last year on those pages; http://www.bjerknes.uib.no/pages.asp?kat=94&lang=1

Lars H.

I need to ask you a question
Chad Tyson, 2007-03-15 15:17:50.0

How are you supposed to keep the artic animals alive when the ice is cracking?

All Arctic animals (mammals), as far as I know, exlcuding whales, have to be on land to make a den, and birds have to make a nest. The ice is important for a lot of things, like finding food for polar bears, but they actually live large parts of their lives on land.

Lars H.

Global Warming
Samantha, 2007-03-14 20:51:42.0

What are people doing to stop Global Warming? How can we save polar bears?

We should all try to use as little fossil fuels as possible, and develop clean energy alternatives like wind/sun/hydro powered. The Polar Bears are one of many species on this planet that needs humans to respect their needs, and limit our own activities.

Lars H.

cheyenne, 2007-03-14 19:41:43.0

how big is antartica.

14.4 million km² Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antarctica is a good source of such information.

Lars H.

Dylan, 2007-03-14 19:41:02.0

Whats the tara used for?Is there people on that ship?Why is the tara there?

The Tara is a research vessel used as a platform within the International Polar Year; http://www.taraexpeditions.org/en/index.php?id_page=1

Lars H.

paige, 2007-03-14 19:39:16.0

what would happen if they did not have there blow up suit on and they hite thin ice and fell in the water.

Then they would have a very short time available to get out of the water and into dry warm clothes to not freeze to death.

Lars H.

carson, 2007-03-14 19:38:33.0

Is there a pole at the top of the world?

No. Sea ice at the north pole moves all the time, so it would not be there for long if one was placed there. There is now a Russian tourist camp on the ice were you can stay, but it drifts too.

Lars H.

cheyenne, 2007-03-14 19:38:07.0

how cold is it in the summer.

The ice is melting in summer over large potions of the Arctic Ocean so it is quite close to zero deg C during the day (that lasts through 24 hours)

Lars H.

Christopher Hansen, 2007-03-14 18:15:46.0

How cold is it in Antarctica?

Antarctica is the coldest place on earth. Read more about it here; http://www.antarcticconnection.com/antarctic/weather/climate.shtml

Lars H.

how long
Hannah Greb, 2007-03-14 18:13:26.0

How long have you been studing global warming?

Hi Hannah. I've worked with sea ice research since 1996 when I started my PhD. Climate scientists have generally one field they specialize in, so mine is sea ice. The global warming manifests itself in many disciplines. Sea ice is one of them.

Lars H.

George Burten and Wesley Parks, 2007-03-14 17:57:42.0

When the earth floods, will all the people go byby and die? i want to know.

The Earth is not going to flood. Even if all the ice in Antarctica melts (this is not possible either) the ocean would rise with "only" 70 m, so a lot of our Earth will allways be dry.

Lars H.

the sky
alex, 2007-03-14 17:57:12.0

why is the sky blue

Beacuse the suns light (all colors) is absorbed at the wave length of the blue rays in air. And gets sent out again. Learn physics and you will get to understand many such things.

Lars H.

Globale warming
Diana Popov, 2007-03-14 16:53:03.0

Is globle warming realy happining?

Yes it is. I know alot of scientists, and they all realize that the climate is warming. A minor group of them think that there is not much to do about it for humans, but most of us think that we can make a big difference by using less fossil fuels, that is driving/flying less, and take care of our environment properly.

Lars H.

Mrs. Vetsch's Class, 2007-03-14 16:25:08.0

What did you eat? How did you get your sleds underwater/across the water?

When I talked to Liv we did not discuss her menu, but I guess they have specially prepared food with lots of calories and fat. To keep warm in such cold conditions you need that, we usually eat 1 kg of bacon among 4 of us for breakfast when we work on the ice. Her sledge floats.

Lars H.

Jonathan Hull, 2007-03-14 01:23:00.0

What exactly do the ice caps do?

They do alot of things. But for our global climate their largest impact is reflecting incoming solar radiation. If the ice caps melt, the sun will heat our planet more efficiently, and it is going to get warmer.

Lars H.

Mike McGraw, 2007-03-13 23:08:04.0

Why does your side of the warming discussion refuse to acknowledge the hundreds of scientists on the other side of the issue? You try to cram facts into young kids minds throug things like the Gore movie that even the New York Times now says can not be substantiated? It was VERY funny that the Bancroft trip was cancelled due to COLD weather!!

Science is not supposed to take part in politics, and I think that is important to realize. Al Gore is a politician, not a scientist, and he uses political language in his film. Much of the discussion on how dangerous global warming is is not based on science, and is just media created because media loves crisis.

Lars H.

how is life in the Arctic
Anthony pollice, 2007-03-13 19:45:57.0

Have you ran into any animals in the Arctic so fare like POLAR BEARS
Life in the Arctic is very special. I'm up north on 78 deg N now, in Longyearbyen on Svalbard. But here it is "only" -5 deg C, and there is no sea ice on the fjord outside. We have crystal clear skies, a magnificent white horizon, and alot of reindeer wandering around. There are foxes, and seals, and yes, Polar Bears. If you go to the Bjerknes Centre www pages you will find a film where you can see some Bears we met last year; http://www.bjerknes.uib.no/default.asp?lang=2 Go to International Polar Year (click on: Se filmen)

Lars H.

Michael Gebs, 2007-03-13 19:31:40.0

In a news story about the failed expedition it stated that "Atwood said there was some irony that a trip to call attention to global warming was scuttled in part by extreme cold temperatures. "They were experiencing temperatures that weren't expected with global warming," Atwood said." I have a science degree and my studies taught me that if the result does not meach the expected hypothesis, we do not simply shrug that off and coninue to bantor that the theory is right. Instead we adjust our hypothesis and retest to see if our new hypothesis correctly explains the theory. If what we expect from glabal warming is not happening than how can we be so sure that this idea is actually true. (Obviously many hypotheses are being proved incorrect by what was experienced on this trip. Let's forget the politics and do science based on reason not science based on what we want to see because of our personal beliefs.)

Many people have trouble understanding the word "Climate". It means "weather" averaged over about 10 years. YES, no single event, or year, can verify that the climate is changing. But over the last 20-40 years the Arctic Ocean has "lost" a summer ice cover that compares to the area of Germany, France and the UK. That is a fact that is hard to get around. Of course - cold temperatures will happen in the future as well, even though the globe is slowly warming up.

Lars H.

why did you plan this trip
lucia, 2007-03-13 16:48:02.0

hi my name is lucia fernandez and I just wanted to know why you plan this trip

I think Liv and Ann has it like me in a way. I enjoy being out on the ice, and away from "normal" society. Having only a white flat horizon around makes me realize how wonderful and diverse this planet is. We should take good care of it. I also think Liv and Ann hope they are doing something important. I hope that the sea-ice science I do is also important, in some way.

Lars H.

Ingo Mahn, 2007-03-13 16:42:00.0

1. If you are scientists, why are you not smart enough to figure out that global warming is not a man made phenomena? 2. If you weren't able to scare people about global warming, would you still be able to get funding.

I am a scientist, and I have never used global warming as a motivation for my science proposals. And yes, I have been funded. There is many reasons to study sea ice, and we don't need global warming as a motivation to do geophysical research. You should not be scared about global warming, but you should, I think - be worried enough to ride your bike, or walk, or take the train, next time you want to go somewhere.

Lars H.

how long?
haleigh caldwell, 2007-03-13 14:54:21.0

How long do you think it will take to flood the whole world when global warming takes major affect?

The Globe will not get flooded by global warming, the ocean might rise as much as a meter within the next 100 years. Beyond that I think that we will have changed our society, and help the people that have suffered the most.

Lars H.

fouth grader
Annie Nguyen, 2007-03-13 08:33:21.0

How long is the Artic?

The Arctic is an ocean covered by sea ice for most of the time. It roughly stretches from 80 deg N to the pole (90N). One deg N is about 1000 km.

Lars H.

How Long?
Jenny Jiang, 2007-03-13 00:23:50.0

Dear Scientist, What is the longest time a person could live in such cold weather?

Dear Jenny. The people of the Arctic has lived in conditions like Liv and Ann encountered for many hundred years. But during strong storms and extreme colds they would sit inside their cabin, or Igloo, and wait until conditions improve. In the Arctic that can take a long time.

Lars H.

Russell Hudspeth, 2007-03-12 23:03:41.0

Are you ever scared?

Yes. I'm scared when I think about how quick accidents happen on the roads and I'm in a car. Up here in the Arctic I'm a bit scared when I fly helicopters, they do fall down quite often. I have a large respect for natural conditions and animals, and I'm careful when we work in polar bear areas.

Lars H.

daniel fox, 2007-03-12 22:28:20.0

can you list some expierments for me to try

Hi Daniel. This made me think, sea ice experiments can be quite tricky at home. But you could put salt in water, and check out how much salt you have to put in for the salt-water not to freeze in a freezer? Ocean water of about 3.5 % freezes at -1.9 deg C, if you put in 10 % salt that might do.

Lars H.

Selena Jenessa, 2007-03-12 21:42:00.0

How is the Artik melting.

The Arctic Ocean sea ice cover partly melts and re-freeze every summer and winter. Now the ice cover is shrinking, and the most likely heat source is increased transport of heat from the south and more clouds sending down more long-wave radiation. This slow increase over 10-30 years is likely connected to global warming.

Lars H.

Do you think the world will end in 2012
Eliza Devlin, 2007-03-12 19:51:34.0

Dear Mrs, Do you think the world will end in 2012? My older brother says the world will end in 2012 and that scares me! So I want you to proove to him that it will not.And do you think the world will flood in 2100?because that scares me even thou I am not going to be alive.i hate what peaple think is going to happen please anser my question.please because my brother won't stop buggin me about it. I cry about it at night so please help me proove to my brother that it will never ever end.I am at my house right now and I am crying cause of it.Please get it of my mind pretty,pretty please!If you help me i will be smarter than my brother.And also I get in trouble for crying about it so please anser my question!

Dear Eliza. You are right, and your brother is wrong. I hope for his sake that he only says these things to scare you, and do not believe them himself. The world ocean might be 1 m above what it is today in 2100, but very few people live closer to the ocean than that. The world will not end in 2012 either. The worst thing that could happen is probably a nuclear war (that scared me when I was a kid). But many animals, like scorpions, will also survive a nuclear war, so the World will certainly not end. I also think that humans will find a way to live on this planet in a good way within the next 100 years.

Lars H.

Can we reverse Global Warming?
Celeste Arnett, 2007-03-12 19:38:09.0


Yes Celeste. We can stop parts of the Global Warming. If you and your mother do your part, and the rest of us to. It is going to get warmer than now, but only 1 degree or so, within the net 50-100 years. Polar Bears might have trouble in a future warmer climate, so think of them each time you wonder if you have the energy to walk or bicycle somewhere instead of asking your mother to drive you around.

Lars H.

Global warming
Hannah, 2007-03-12 19:10:41.0

IS there such thing as global warming?

It is good that you question what people, magazines, and especially TV tells you. See for your self here; http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/research/hadleycentre/obsdata/globaltemperature.html

Lars H.

Global Warming
Amber, 2007-03-12 16:56:42.0

How can we help the polar bear population from decreasing? I love doing research on them but i just can not find this information. Thanks

We can help animals in general by letting them live without disturbing them. Here on Svalbard the Polar Bear population has grown steadily after hunting them was bound in 1973. You can read more here; http://www.sysselmannen.svalbard.no/eng/ Choose 'About Svalbard' and then 'Animals'.

Lars H.

why are people so mean
happy, 2007-03-12 15:32:56.0

why do you think that people are so mean to the poor animals that live in the artic? also why do you think that people are so mean to the inviorment?

I don't think that people are mean. I just think people are short-sighted. They do not understand the consequences of their priorities. We also tend to care about ourselves, and not so much about others. We can all change that - if we want to.

Lars H.

ice age
isaiah banuelos, 2007-03-12 15:11:45.0

will there be a sescnd ice age :[
Yes. There will be a next ice age. Ice ages are kind of the "normal situation" for our Globe, and they have usually lasted about 100.000 years. The last one disappeared about 8000 years ago, and next one will come in some thousands of years as well.

Lars H.

global warming
Rachael, 2007-03-10 22:00:07.0

for about how much longer will it be until the artic is all melted if nothing is making progress?

The Arctic sea ice cover could be all gone in the summer around 2070. This is not a very accurate estimate, and at the present the ice is shrinking faster than our models predict. There are some things that we don't know about the sea ice, and I try to work on that so that others might do better projections in the future.

Lars H.

Time For Kids
Phoenix, 2007-03-09 20:01:04.0

Will the Artic survive the Global Warning?

Yes it will. The Arctic, and Antarctica, will always be colder than the rest of the planet. Some of the ice is going to melt though, and much of the snow in the mountains where we live.

Lars H.



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