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Seminar talk: Translational Climate Science in Alaska: From Climate Impacts to Adaptation

Jeremy Littell from US Geological Survey / Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center will give a seminar talk on June 7

Bilde av Littell
Jeremy Littell

Short biography:

Jeremy Littell is a climate impacts research ecologist and the Lead Scientist for the Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center. His background is climate impacts on terrestrial ecosystems and translational climate science. He has a 15 years of experience in regional climate impacts and vulnerability assessments in the United States Pacific Northwest (with the University of Washington Climate Impacts Group) and Alaska (with US Geological Survey). His current research is on the role of the changing cryosphere in tree line and shrub line establishment in Alaska. Current translational science work includes adaptation planning with Alaska Native communities and developing climate information for Federal agencies operating in Alaska.




Alaska is warming more than twice as fast as the global average, and climate change impacts are already evident in many parts of the state. For land and resource management agencies, Alaska Native communities, and those dependent on ecosystem services, adaptation to climate change is a leading concern. The Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center (AKCASC) is a federal/university partnership designed to develop and provide scientific approaches to changing climate and impacts. I will describe some of the the AKCASC climate and ecological research ongoing in Alaska and potential linkages with research at the Bjerknes Center.


Arranged date for the seminar talk: Jun 07, 2019