Bjerknessenterets mål er å forstå klima
til nytte for samfunnet.

BCCR Getaway 2024: Welcome to Voss

The Bjerknes Getaway 2024, hosted from January 9th to 11th at the picturesque Hotel Scandic Voss.


The Science of Snow

Scientific research wasn’t the only thing on the agenda. The BCCR Getaway took place at Scandic Hotel Voss, perfectly situated only a short walk away from the Voss Gondola. Several of the attendees indulged in outdoor activities, including skiing, taking advantage of the perfect snowy conditions.

The afternoon sessions focused on strategic discussions and the introduction of new members across various research themes such as Global, Polar, Hazards, and Carbon.

Profile photo of scientist wearing a woolen cap with the Bjerknes Center logo.
Noel modeling one of the fashionable Bjerknes Center woolen hats, perfect for winter sports!

Pitching and Quizzing

The first day's highlight was a pitching session for new research ideas, sparking creativity and collaboration. The evening was animated by the BarQuiz, where the team "We're Just Here for the Skiing" emerged as winners. Runners-up included "Gin & Tonic" and "Very Obvious Silly Scientists (V.O.S.S.)," with "Vossup" winning the best quiz name. The day concluded with a dinner in the main dining room at the hotel.

Day Two: Scientific Highlights

Day two kicked off with presentations on scientific achievements across research themes, delving into diverse topics such as fjord deoxygenation and climate predictions. This was complemented by the announcement of new research projects and initiatives, showcasing Bjerknes' commitment to scientific advancement.

The afternoon sessions were dedicated to observation enhancement and poster presentations. The day ended with the Bjerknes Bowling tournament, where Anne Britt Sandsø, Solfrid Hjøllo, Erik Kolstad, and Marius Årthun clinched the coveted bowling trophy.

Scientist lining up against a wall covered with scientific posters, and watching a science presentation

Day Three: Embracing Diversity

The final day featured Thea Gregersen's talk on climate emotions and communication, bridging climate science with psychology. A session on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) by the PhD forum emphasized the importance of these values in the scientific community. The day continued with presentations from Bjerknes partners, unveiling new and exciting research projects and collaborations.

Wrapping Up

The Bjerknes Getaway 2024 concluded with a blend of groundbreaking scientific discussions, teamwork, and leisure activities. It was not just a platform for presenting cutting-edge research, but also a celebration of the diverse and dynamic community at Bjerknes.

Thank you to all participants! Hope to see you all again next year.