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Se prosjektforsiden for strategiske prosjekter og synteseprosjekter. Alle andre prosjekter finner du i denne tabellen.


Akronym Prosjekttittel Varighet Person Institusjon Finansiering
ACER Advanced Climate Education and Research 2018-2021 Ø. Paasche UIB NFR
AeN Arven etter Nansen 2018-2023 T. Eldevik UIB-GFI NFR
APPLICATE Advanced Predictions in polar regions and beyond:Modelling observing systems and design and Linkages associated with a Changing Arctic climaTE 2016-2020 H. Drange AWI EU
Arc-MFC Arc- MFC fase 2 2019-2021   NERSC EU
ARCPATH Arctic Climate Predictions: Pathways to Resilient, Sustainable Societies 2016-2020 Y. Gao NERSC other public
Arcpath Arcpath 2019-2020   NERSC NFR
ARIA Atmosphere sea ice interaction in the new Arctic 2020-2023 R. Davy NERSC NFR
AROMA Arctic Ocean mixing processes and vertical fluxes of energy and matter 2019-2023 I. Fer UIB-GFI NFR
B-SERUS Belmont-SERUS 2020-2022   NERSC NFR
BCPU Bjerknes Climate Prediction Unit (Bjerknes CPU) 2018-2023 Y. Gao NERSC Other private
Beyond EPICA 2019-2024 H.C. Steen-Larsen UIB-GFI EU
BioDivers   2019-2021 J. Tjiputra   NFR
BIOPATH   2019-2022 S. Sobolowski NTNU/NORCE NFR
Bjerknes-CPU Bjerknes Climate Prediction Unit (Bjerknes CPU) 2018-2023 N. Keenlyside UIB-GFI Other
Blue-Action Arctic impact on weather and climate 2017-2021 T. Eldevik DMI/UiB-GFI EU
Blue-Action Blue-Action 2019-2020   NERSC EU
BlueCloud BlueCloud 2019-2023 B. Pfeil TRUST-IT SRL EU
C4T Climate change across Zeonozoi cooling steps reconstructed with clumped isotope thermometry 2015-2020 A.N. Meckler UiB-GEO EU
CCU-Sea State CCU-Sea State 2019-2021   NERSC EU
CHESS Research school in changing cliamtes in the coupled Earth System 2015-2023 T. Spengler UIB-GFI NFR
Climate Futures Climate Futures E. Kolstad NORCE NFR
CLIP Clumped isotope thermometry in the Pliocene 2015-2020 A.N. Meckler UiB-GEO other private
CMEMS   2018-2021 B. Pfeil UIB-GFi other public
COLUMBIA   2018-2022 J. Tjiputra NORCE NFR
COMFORT Our common future ocean in the earth system – quantifying coupled cycles of carbon, oxygen, and nutrients for determining and achieving safe operating spaces with respect to tipping points 2019-2023 C. Heinze UIB-GFI EU
CONFER Co-production of Climate Services for East Africa 2020-2023 E. Kolstad NORCE EU
CONNECTED Chinese-Norwegian partnership in teleconnection and prediction 2018-2020 T. Furevik UIB-GFI other public
CoRea CoRea 2020-2023   NERSC NFR
CRESCENDO Coordinated Research in Earth Systems and Climate: Experiments, kNowledge,Dissemination and Outreach 2015-2020 C. Heinze UIB-GFI EU
DASIM II DASIM II 2019-2021   NERSC Other
DYNAMISM   2017-2020 A. Terpstra UIB-GFI EU
DYNAMITE Dynamics of arctic-midlatitude teleconnections: mechanisms, robustness and tropical modulation 2016-2020 C. Li UIB-GFI NFR
EMERALD planet 2019-2021 H. Lee UIO/NORCE NFR
ENVRIfair ENVironmental Research Infrastructures building Fair services Accessible for society,
Innovation and Research
2019-2022 B. Pfeil FZ Jülich/UIB-GFI EU
EPIC EPIC: Effects of energetic electron Precipitation In a Changing climate 2020-2023 O.H. Otterå NORCE NFR
EuroGEOSS showcases EuroGEOSS Showcases: Showcasing and promoting users’ uptake of GEOSS through a coordinated B. Pfeil ARMINES/UIB-GFI EU
Euroheath European heathland carbon storage synthesis 2020-2023 H. Lee NORCE NFR
EuroSea European Contribution to the Future of the Seas and Oceans Flagship Initiativ  2020-2023 B. Pfeil GEOMAR EU
Expert-TS Experiments, Traits, Synthesis: Using knowledge from global ecologicl experninets to vaildate, assess  and improve trait-based theory 2019-2021 V. Vandvik UIB-BIO NFR
FRONTIER The big data and climate FRONTIER : making sence of the explosive increase in climate data through smart designs and big data methods 2020-2023 P. Mooney NORCE NFR
H2OISO Water vapour isotopologues 2020-2023 H. Sodemann Univ. Leicester Other
HiddenCosts Hidden cost of implementing afforestation as a climate mitigation strategy 2017-2020 H. Lee NORCE NFR
HOPE Humans on planate Earth- long-term impacts on biosphere dynamics 2018-2022 J. Birks UIB-BIO EU
ICOS-2 Integrated Carbon Observation System (ICOS) Norway and OTC pahse 2 S. Lauvset NORCE NFR
ICOS-Norway Integrated Carbon Observation System and Ocean Thematic Centre 2016-2020 T. Johannessen NORCE NFR
IMELT Ocean-ice shelf Interaction and channelized Melting in Dronning Maud Land E. Darelius NPI/UIB-GFI NFR
INTAROS Integrated Arctic Observing system 2016-2021 T. Johannesen NERSC EU
InterDec The potential of seasonal-to-decadal scale inter-regional linkages to advance climate predictions 2016-2020 N. Keenlyside MPI fM EU
ISLAS Isotopic links to the atmospheric water sources 2018-2022 H. Sodemann UIB-GFI EU
JPI JPI-Medley 2020-2023   NERSC NFR
JPI JPI-Interdec 2019-2020   NERSC NFR
JPI  JPI-Roadmap 2020-2022   NERSC NFR
KeyClim Key Earth System feedbacks and thresholds in times of a changing Arctic, North Atlantic and Society 2019-2021 A.Sorteberg / M. Bentsen MET/UIB/NORCE NFR
Large Eddy Large Eddy Simulation Modelling of Offshore Wind Farms Under the Influence of Varying Atmospheric Stability and Sea-State Conditions 2020-2022 M. Bakhody-Paskyabi UIB-GFI Other
LEMON Lidar Emitter and Multispecies greenhouse gases Observation iNstrument H.C Steen-Larsen ONERA/UIB-GFI EU
MAMMAMIA Multi-scale-multi-method analysis of mechanisms causing ice acceleration  2020-2023 B. de Fleurian UIB-GEO NFR
MELT Modelling Englacial Layers and Tracers in Ice Sheets 2017-2021 A. Born UIB-GEO other private
NorArgo2   2018-2026 A. Olsen HI/UIB-GFI NFR
NorEMSO Norwegian contribution to the European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and Water Column Observatory I. Fer UIB-GFI NFR
NorEMSO The Norwegian node for the European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and water column 2019-2023 I. Skjelvan NORCE NFR
OceanNETS Ocean Negative Emission Technologies - analysing the feasibility, risks, and co-benefits of ocean-based negative emission technologies for stabilizing the climate J. Schwinger NORCE EU
OVENS Overturning in the Nordic Seas 2016-2020 K. Våge UIB-GFI other private
PATHWAYS Pathways, processes and impact of polar oceans 2017-2020 M. Årthun UIB-GFI NFR
Permafrost4Life Permafrost ecosystems entangled with human life in Mongolia-evaluating the impact of land use change in a warming climate 2020-2023 H. Lee NORCE NFR
POLLCHEM Polen chemistry as the new generation instrument in palaeo ecological research: Theory, methods and practice 2016-2020 A. Seddon UIB-BIO NFR
RINGO Readiness of ICOS  for necessities of integrated global observations 2017-2020 T. Johannesen ICOS ERIC EU
SDC Sea Data Cloud 2016-2020 B. Pfeil IFREMER EU
SEACRIFOG Supporting EU-African cooperation  on research infrastructure for food security and greenhouse gas observations 2017-2020 T. Johannesen TIAK EU
SFE Seasonal forecasting engines 2018-2021 E. Kolstad NORCE/UIB-GFI/NERSC NFR
SNOWISO Signals from the surface snow: Post-depositional processes controling the ice core isotopic finger 2018-2022 H-C. Steen-Larsen UIB-GFI EU
SNOWPACE Sources of the Norwegian winter season snow pack constrained by stable water isoptopes 2017-2020 H. Sodemann UIB-GFI NFR
SO-CHIC   2019-2023 S. Østerhus Lòcean France EU
SOUTHSPHERE Past behaviour of the Southern Oceans atmosphere and cryosphere 2017-2022 J. Bakke UiB-GEO NFR
STEM-CCS Strategies for Environmental Monitoring of Marine Carbon Capture and Storage 2016-2020 A. Omar NORCE EU
STERCP Synchronisation to enhance reliability of climate prediction 2015-2020 N. Keenlyside UIB-GFI EU
Stip. Stipendiat 2019-2020   NERSC NFR
Stormrisk Extreme windstorms and related damage 2020-2023 A. Sorteberg UIB-GFI NFR
SvendsenDNSZ Understanding wind-driven climate variability on decadal timescales 2020 L. Svendsen UIB-GFI Other
SWitchDyn Subglacial Water impact on long term glacier Dynamics 2019-2023 B. de Fleurian UIB-GEO NFR
T-TRAC Tropical Temperature Reconstruction Acros 0.5 Mill years from cave formations 2017-2021 N. Meckler UiB-GEO NFR
Three-D   2019-2022 H. Lee UIB/NORCE NFR
TIPACCs Tipping Points in Antarctic Climate Components 2019-2022 S. Østerhus / P. Langebroek NORCE EU
TOBACO Topographic barriers controlling warm water inflow and antarctic ice shelf melting 2017-2021 E. Darelius UIB-GFI NFR
TRACE The role of the Atlantic in constraining Eurasian climate change 2018-2020 N.Keenlyside* UIB-GFI other public
TRIATLAS Tropical and South Atlantic - climate-based marine ecosystem prediction for Sustainable management 2019-2023 N. Keenlyside UIB-GFI EU
ALERTNESS   2018-2021 H. Sodemann UIB-GFI/MET NFR
ULTRAMAR Ultra-high resolution marine records from Subarctic Atlantic 2017-2020 M. Miles NORCE NFR
VERIFY   2018-2022 A. Olsen UIB-GFI EU
WCRP CORA WCRP Coordination Office for Regional Activities - CORA 2018-2028 B. Balino BCCR WCRP
WiZard WiZard 2019-2020   NERSC EU
  Long-term High-Resolution Coralline Algae Records 2019-2023 C.A. Dahl NORCE NFR
  Emit now, mitigate later? IMPlications of temperature OverShoots for the Earth system 2019-2022 J. Schwinger NORCE NFR
  Natural and societal consequences of climate-forced changes of Jostedalsbreen Ice Cap 2020-2023 J. Bakke UiB-GEO NFR
  Quantifying past and future sea level changes in Norway 2020-2023 J-I.  Svendsen UIB-GEO NFR
  Past changes in inter-annual climate variability: linking tropical and high latitude 2020-2023 C. Andersson NORCE NFR