Bjerknessenteret for klimaforskning er et samarbeid mellom Universitetet i Bergen, Norce, Nansensenteret og Havforskningsinstituttet. 


Alle pågående prosjekter

Project title  Principal Investigator   Institution   Funding   Duration 


H2020-SC2 2016-2020
AQUATIK - Improving the preservation and sustainable exploitation of Atlantic Marine Ecosystems  A. Olsen GFI-UiB  H2020 2016-2019
ARAMACC - Annually resolved archives of marine climate change  C. A. Dahl UNI Climate  EU FP7 2013-2017
ARCPATH - Arctic Climate Predictions: Pathways to Resilient, Sustainable Societies  Y. Gao NERSC NORDFORSK 2016-2020

Arctic research and studies

 H. Sodemann GFI-UiB SIU 2016-2018
AtlantOS - Optimizing and enhancing the integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing Sytem  A. Olsen GFI-UiB H2020 2015-2019
BLUE-ACTION Arctic impact on weather and climate T. Eldevik DMI H2020-SC2 2016-2021
C4T - Climate change across Cenozoic cooling steps reconstructed with clumped isotope thermometry  A. N. Meckler GEO-UiB ERC Starting Grant 2015-2020
CHASE - Climate History along the Arctic Seaboard of Eurasia  J. I. Svendsen NERSC  KLIMAFORSK 2016-2019



CHESS - Research school in changing climates in the coupled Earth System



 T. Spengler










CLIP - Clumped isotope thermometry in the Pliocene  A. N. Meckler GEO-UiB Bergen Research Foundation 2015-2020
COLUMBIA - Constraining the large uncertainties in the Earth system model projections with a big data approach J. Tjiputra NORCE FRIPRO-Toppforsk 2018-2022

CONNECTED - Chinese-Norwegian partnership in teleconnection and prediction

 T. Furevik



CRESCENDO - Coordinated Research in Earth Systems and Climate: Experiments, kNowledge, Dissemination and Outreach  C. Heinze GFI-UiB  H2020 2015-2020
DEMODA - Decadal changes in the Atlantic equatorial mode. Origin and dynamics N. Keenlyside GFI-UiB EU MSCA 2018-2019
DYNAMITE - Dynamics of arctic-midlatitude teleconnections: mechanisms, robustness and tropical modulation  C. Li GFI-UiB  KLIMAFORSK 2016-2019
EARTHLAB - Earth Surface sediment Laboratory  J. Bakke GEO-UiB  FORINFRA 2014-2018
EASTGREEN - East Greenland Ice: constraining the extent and effects of the Earth's largest ice and freshwater pathway  M. Miles UNI Climate  FRINATEK 2014-2017
ECHO - Extending the instrumental record of North Atlantic Ocean climate variability  C.A. Dahl UNI Climate  FRINATEK 2015-2018
EISCLIM - Eurasian Ice Sheet and Climate Interactions  J. I. Svendsen GEO-UiB  KLIMAFORSK 2014-2018
EPOCASA - Enhancing seasonal-to-decadal Prediction Of Climate for the North Atlantic Sector and Artic  N. Keenlyside GFI-UiB  KLIMAFORSK 2014-2017
EuropeWeather - Does the Arctic sea-ice loss have an impact on the winter weather patterns in Europe?  L. Chen NERSC  FRINATEK 2014-2017
EVA - Earth system modelling of climate Variations in the Anthropocene  C. Heinze GFI-UiB  KLIMAFORSK 2014-2017
EVOGLAC - Investigating the future evolution of Norwegian glaciers and hydrological impacts: an integrated approach  A. Nesje UNI Climate  KLIMAFORSK 2016-2019
EXPREC - Climatic changes in short duration extreme precipitation and rapid onset flooding - implications for design values  A. Sorteberg GFI-UiB KLIMAFORSK 2015-2018
FARLAB - Facility for advanced isotopic research and monitoring of weather, climate and biogeochemical cycling  U. Ninnemann GEO-UiB FORINFRA 2015-2018
FIXO3 - Fixed-point open ocean observatories  C. Heinze GFI-UiB FP7-INFRA 2013-2017
FLOODING - Climatic changes in short duration extreme precipitation and rapid onset flooding - implications for design values  A. Sorteberg GFI-UiB KLIMAFORSK 2015-2018
GeoAccessNO  B. Pfeil GFI-UiB FORINFRA 2015-2017

Ice2Ice - Arctic Sea Ice and Greenland Ice Sheet Sensitivity

 E. Jansen GEO-UiB EU FP7 IDEAS 2014-2018
ICOS-Norway - Integrated Carbon Observation System and Ocean Thematic Centre  S.K. Lauvset UNI Climate FORINFRA 2016-2020
iEcoH - Integrating ecosystem heterogeneity to enhance ESM performance  H. Lee UNI Climate H2020 2016-2017
INTAROS - Integrated Arctic observing system  T. Johannessen  GFI-UiB H2020-SC2 2016-2021
INTERDEC - The potential for seasonal-to-decadal scale inter-regional linkages to advance climate predictions  N. Keenlyside


HP2020-JPI Climate

INTERDEC - The potential for seasonal-to-decadal scale inter-regional linkages to advance climate predictions  Y. Gao NERSC JPI CLIMATE 2016-2018
IS-ENES2 - Infrastructure for the European network of Earth System modelling  C. Heinze GFI-UiB FP7-INFRA 2013-2017
ISOBAR - Innovative Strategies for Observation in the Arctic Atmospheric Boundary  J. Reuder GFI-UiB FRINATEK 2016-2019
JETSTREAM - Atmospheric jet variability: linking structure, evolution and mechanisms  C. Li GFI-UiB FRINATEK 2014-2018

MELT - Modelling Englacial Layers and Tracers in Ice Sheets

 A. Born GEO-UiB BFS 2017-2021
MOCN - Meridional overturning circulation in the western Nordic Seas  K. Våge GFI-UiB FRINATEK 2014-2017
NACLIM - Predictability of the North Atlantic climate  S. Østerhus UNI Climate FP7-ENV 2012-2017
NEXOS - Next generation, cost-effective, compact, multifunctional web enabled ocean sensors systems  S. Østerhus UNI Climate FP7-OCEAN 2013-2017
netXtWIM - Waves in a next-generation sea ice model  P. Rampal NERSC KLIMAFORSK 2015-2018
NICE - On Thin Ice: Role of Ocean Heat Flux in Sea Ice Melt  I. Fer GFI-UiB KLIMAFORSK 2014-2017
NMDC - Norwegian Marine Data Centre  S. Østerhus UNI Climate FORINFRA 2012-2017
Nordic NorESM - Nordic Earth System Model  C. Heinze GFI-UiB NORDFORSK 2014-2017
NORPAN - Partnership between Norway and Japan for excellent Education and Research  T. Spengler GFI-UiB INTPART 2016-?
NORTH - NORthern contraints on the Atlantic ThermoHaline circulation  T. Eldevik GFI-UiB KLIMAFORSK 2014-2017
OCCP - Ocean Controls on high-latitude Climate sensitivity - a Pliocene case study B. Risebrobakken UNI Climate FRINATEK 2013-2017
ORGANIC - Overturning circulation and its implications for global carbon cycle in coupled models  J. Tjiputra UNI Climate FRINATEK 2015-2018
OVENS - Overturning in the Nordic Seas  K. Våge GFI-UiB Bergen Research Foundation 2016-2020
PAVE - Atlantic water pathways to the Arctic: Variability and effects on climate and ecosystems  Ø. Skagseth IMR NOR-POL 2013-2017
PEGSIE - Pliocene East Greenland Current and Sea Ice Evolution  S. De Schepper GEO-UiB POLARFORSK 2014-2017
PERMAFROST - Advancing permafrost carbon climate feedback-improvements and evaluation of the Norwegian EArth System Model with observations  H. Lee UNI Climate FRINATEK 2016-2018
POLEN - Polen chemistry as the new generation instrument in palaeo ecological research: Theory, methods and practice  A. Seddon BIO-UiB FRIMEDPRO 2016-2020
PREFACE - Enhancing prediction of tropical Atlantic climate and impacts  N. Keenlyside GFI-UiB EU FP7 2014-2017
PREFACE-RCN Simulations of the west African monsoon and climate in the tropical Atlantic Ocean  N. Keenlyside GFI-UiB KLIMAFORSK 2014-2017
PROVOLO - Watermass transformation processes and vortex dynamics in the Lofoten Basin  I. Fer GFI-UiB FRINATEK 2016-2019
R3 - Relevant, reliable and robust local-scale climate projection for Norway  S. Sobolowski UNI Climate KLIMAFORSK 2016-2019
RINGO - Readiness of ICOS  for necessities of integrated global observations T. Johannessen ICOS ERIC



SDC - Sea data cloud  B. Pfeil


H2020-INFRA 2016-2020

SEACRIFOG - Supporting EU-African cooperation  on research infrastructure for food security and greenhouse gas observations

T. Johannesen




Seep2Sea - CO2 seepage to seawater: Development & demonstration of a new geochemica monitoring method 

 A. Omar Uni



SNACS - Subpolar North Atlantic Climate States  A. Olsen GFI-UiB KLIMAFORSK 2014-2017
SNOWGLACE - Changing arctic cryosphere: influence of snow and sea ice on the prediction and climate of Europe and Asia  F. Counillon NERSC KLIMAFORSK 2015-2018
STEM-CCS - Strategies for Environmental Monitoring of Marine Carbon Capture and Storage  A. Omar UNI Climate H2020 2016-2019
STERCP - Synchronisation to enhance reliability of climate prediction  N. Keenlyside GFI-UiB ERC Consolidator Grant 2015-2020
SUCCESS - Centre for Sub-surface CO2 storage  C. Heinze GFI-UiB NFR-FME 2010-2017
SWARP- Ships and Waves Reaching Polar Regions  J. Bergh NERSC FP7-SPACE 2013-2017
THRESHOLDS - Thresholds for destabilizing thermohaline circulation and ocean carbon cycling in a warmer world  U. Ninnemann GEO-UiB KLIMAFORSK 2016-2019

TRACE - The role of the Atlantic in constraining Eurasian climate change

 N. Keenlyside GFI-UiB NORDFORSK 2017
VENTILATE - Ventilation age and remineralisation rates in polar and sub-polar regions as an indicator for climate change  E. Jeansson UNI Climate KLIMAFORSK 2014-2017
WARM - Inflow of Warm Deep Water on the Antarctic Continental Shelves  E. Darelius GFI-UIB  FRINATEK 2014-2017
WIMEA-ICT - Improving Weather Information Management in East Africa for effective service provision through the application of suitable ICTs  J. Reuder GFI-UiB NORAD 2013-2018