Understanding climate
for the benefit of society

Project list

See our main project page for strategic projects and synthesis projects. All other projects are listed in the table below. 


Acronym Project title Duration Person Institution Funding
ACER Advanced Climate Education and Research 2018-2021 Ø. Paasche UIB NFR
AeN Arven etter Nansen 2018-2023 T. Eldevik UIB-GFI NFR
APPLICATE Advanced Predictions in polar regions and beyond:Modelling observing systems and design and Linkages associated with a Changing Arctic climaTE 2016-2020 H. Drange AWI EU
Arc-MFC Arc- MFC fase 2 2019-2021   NERSC EU
ARCPATH Arctic Climate Predictions: Pathways to Resilient, Sustainable Societies 2016-2020 Y. Gao NERSC other public
Arcpath Arcpath 2019-2020   NERSC NFR
ARIA Atmosphere sea ice interaction in the new Arctic 2020-2023 R. Davy NERSC NFR
AROMA Arctic Ocean mixing processes and vertical fluxes of energy and matter 2019-2023 I. Fer UIB-GFI NFR
B-SERUS Belmont-SERUS 2020-2022   NERSC NFR
BCPU Bjerknes Climate Prediction Unit (Bjerknes CPU) 2018-2023 Y. Gao NERSC Other private
Beyond EPICA 2019-2024 H.C. Steen-Larsen UIB-GFI EU
BioDivers   2019-2021 J. Tjiputra   NFR
BIOPATH   2019-2022 S. Sobolowski NTNU/NORCE NFR
Bjerknes-CPU Bjerknes Climate Prediction Unit (Bjerknes CPU) 2018-2023 N. Keenlyside UIB-GFI Other
Blue-Action Arctic impact on weather and climate 2017-2021 T. Eldevik DMI/UiB-GFI EU
Blue-Action Blue-Action 2019-2020   NERSC EU
BlueCloud BlueCloud 2019-2023 B. Pfeil TRUST-IT SRL EU
C4T Climate change across Zeonozoi cooling steps reconstructed with clumped isotope thermometry 2015-2020 A.N. Meckler UiB-GEO EU
CCU-Sea State CCU-Sea State 2019-2021   NERSC EU
CHESS Research school in changing cliamtes in the coupled Earth System 2015-2023 T. Spengler UIB-GFI NFR
Climate Futures Climate Futures E. Kolstad NORCE NFR
CLIP Clumped isotope thermometry in the Pliocene 2015-2020 A.N. Meckler UiB-GEO other private
CMEMS   2018-2021 B. Pfeil UIB-GFi other public
COLUMBIA   2018-2022 J. Tjiputra NORCE NFR
COMFORT Our common future ocean in the earth system – quantifying coupled cycles of carbon, oxygen, and nutrients for determining and achieving safe operating spaces with respect to tipping points 2019-2023 C. Heinze UIB-GFI EU
CONFER Co-production of Climate Services for East Africa 2020-2023 E. Kolstad NORCE EU
CONNECTED Chinese-Norwegian partnership in teleconnection and prediction 2018-2020 T. Furevik UIB-GFI other public
CoRea CoRea 2020-2023   NERSC NFR
CRESCENDO Coordinated Research in Earth Systems and Climate: Experiments, kNowledge,Dissemination and Outreach 2015-2020 C. Heinze UIB-GFI EU
DASIM II DASIM II 2019-2021   NERSC Other
DYNAMISM   2017-2020 A. Terpstra UIB-GFI EU
DYNAMITE Dynamics of arctic-midlatitude teleconnections: mechanisms, robustness and tropical modulation 2016-2020 C. Li UIB-GFI NFR
EMERALD planet 2019-2021 H. Lee UIO/NORCE NFR
ENVRIfair ENVironmental Research Infrastructures building Fair services Accessible for society,
Innovation and Research
2019-2022 B. Pfeil FZ Jülich/UIB-GFI EU
EPIC EPIC: Effects of energetic electron Precipitation In a Changing climate 2020-2023 O.H. Otterå NORCE NFR
EuroGEOSS showcases EuroGEOSS Showcases: Showcasing and promoting users’ uptake of GEOSS through a coordinated B. Pfeil ARMINES/UIB-GFI EU
Euroheath European heathland carbon storage synthesis 2020-2023 H. Lee NORCE NFR
EuroSea European Contribution to the Future of the Seas and Oceans Flagship Initiativ  2020-2023 B. Pfeil GEOMAR EU
Expert-TS Experiments, Traits, Synthesis: Using knowledge from global ecologicl experninets to vaildate, assess  and improve trait-based theory 2019-2021 V. Vandvik UIB-BIO NFR
FRONTIER The big data and climate FRONTIER : making sence of the explosive increase in climate data through smart designs and big data methods 2020-2023 P. Mooney NORCE NFR
H2OISO Water vapour isotopologues 2020-2023 H. Sodemann Univ. Leicester Other
HiddenCosts Hidden cost of implementing afforestation as a climate mitigation strategy 2017-2020 H. Lee NORCE NFR
HOPE Humans on planate Earth- long-term impacts on biosphere dynamics 2018-2022 J. Birks UIB-BIO EU
ICOS-2 Integrated Carbon Observation System (ICOS) Norway and OTC pahse 2 S. Lauvset NORCE NFR
ICOS-Norway Integrated Carbon Observation System and Ocean Thematic Centre 2016-2020 T. Johannessen NORCE NFR
IMELT Ocean-ice shelf Interaction and channelized Melting in Dronning Maud Land E. Darelius NPI/UIB-GFI NFR
INTAROS Integrated Arctic Observing system 2016-2021 T. Johannesen NERSC EU
InterDec The potential of seasonal-to-decadal scale inter-regional linkages to advance climate predictions 2016-2020 N. Keenlyside MPI fM EU
ISLAS Isotopic links to the atmospheric water sources 2018-2022 H. Sodemann UIB-GFI EU
JPI JPI-Medley 2020-2023   NERSC NFR
JPI JPI-Interdec 2019-2020   NERSC NFR
JPI  JPI-Roadmap 2020-2022   NERSC NFR
KeyClim Key Earth System feedbacks and thresholds in times of a changing Arctic, North Atlantic and Society 2019-2021 A.Sorteberg / M. Bentsen MET/UIB/NORCE NFR
Large Eddy Large Eddy Simulation Modelling of Offshore Wind Farms Under the Influence of Varying Atmospheric Stability and Sea-State Conditions 2020-2022 M. Bakhody-Paskyabi UIB-GFI Other
LEMON Lidar Emitter and Multispecies greenhouse gases Observation iNstrument H.C Steen-Larsen ONERA/UIB-GFI EU
MAMMAMIA Multi-scale-multi-method analysis of mechanisms causing ice acceleration  2020-2023 B. de Fleurian UIB-GEO NFR
MELT Modelling Englacial Layers and Tracers in Ice Sheets 2017-2021 A. Born UIB-GEO other private
NorArgo2   2018-2026 A. Olsen HI/UIB-GFI NFR
NorEMSO Norwegian contribution to the European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and Water Column Observatory I. Fer UIB-GFI NFR
NorEMSO The Norwegian node for the European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and water column 2019-2023 I. Skjelvan NORCE NFR
OceanNETS Ocean Negative Emission Technologies - analysing the feasibility, risks, and co-benefits of ocean-based negative emission technologies for stabilizing the climate J. Schwinger NORCE EU
OVENS Overturning in the Nordic Seas 2016-2020 K. Våge UIB-GFI other private
PATHWAYS Pathways, processes and impact of polar oceans 2017-2020 M. Årthun UIB-GFI NFR
Permafrost4Life Permafrost ecosystems entangled with human life in Mongolia-evaluating the impact of land use change in a warming climate 2020-2023 H. Lee NORCE NFR
POLLCHEM Polen chemistry as the new generation instrument in palaeo ecological research: Theory, methods and practice 2016-2020 A. Seddon UIB-BIO NFR
RINGO Readiness of ICOS  for necessities of integrated global observations 2017-2020 T. Johannesen ICOS ERIC EU
SDC Sea Data Cloud 2016-2020 B. Pfeil IFREMER EU
SEACRIFOG Supporting EU-African cooperation  on research infrastructure for food security and greenhouse gas observations 2017-2020 T. Johannesen TIAK EU
SFE Seasonal forecasting engines 2018-2021 E. Kolstad NORCE/UIB-GFI/NERSC NFR
SNOWISO Signals from the surface snow: Post-depositional processes controling the ice core isotopic finger 2018-2022 H-C. Steen-Larsen UIB-GFI EU
SNOWPACE Sources of the Norwegian winter season snow pack constrained by stable water isoptopes 2017-2020 H. Sodemann UIB-GFI NFR
SO-CHIC   2019-2023 S. Østerhus Lòcean France EU
SOUTHSPHERE Past behaviour of the Southern Oceans atmosphere and cryosphere 2017-2022 J. Bakke UiB-GEO NFR
STEM-CCS Strategies for Environmental Monitoring of Marine Carbon Capture and Storage 2016-2020 A. Omar NORCE EU
STERCP Synchronisation to enhance reliability of climate prediction 2015-2020 N. Keenlyside UIB-GFI EU
Stip. Stipendiat 2019-2020   NERSC NFR
Stormrisk Extreme windstorms and related damage 2020-2023 A. Sorteberg UIB-GFI NFR
SvendsenDNSZ Understanding wind-driven climate variability on decadal timescales 2020 L. Svendsen UIB-GFI Other
SWitchDyn Subglacial Water impact on long term glacier Dynamics 2019-2023 B. de Fleurian UIB-GEO NFR
T-TRAC Tropical Temperature Reconstruction Acros 0.5 Mill years from cave formations 2017-2021 N. Meckler UiB-GEO NFR
Three-D   2019-2022 H. Lee UIB/NORCE NFR
TIPACCs Tipping Points in Antarctic Climate Components 2019-2022 S. Østerhus / P. Langebroek NORCE EU
TOBACO Topographic barriers controlling warm water inflow and antarctic ice shelf melting 2017-2021 E. Darelius UIB-GFI NFR
TRACE The role of the Atlantic in constraining Eurasian climate change 2018-2020 N.Keenlyside* UIB-GFI other public
TRIATLAS Tropical and South Atlantic - climate-based marine ecosystem prediction for Sustainable management 2019-2023 N. Keenlyside UIB-GFI EU
ALERTNESS   2018-2021 H. Sodemann UIB-GFI/MET NFR
ULTRAMAR Ultra-high resolution marine records from Subarctic Atlantic 2017-2020 M. Miles NORCE NFR
VERIFY   2018-2022 A. Olsen UIB-GFI EU
WCRP CORA WCRP Coordination Office for Regional Activities - CORA 2018-2028 B. Balino BCCR WCRP
WiZard WiZard 2019-2020   NERSC EU
  Long-term High-Resolution Coralline Algae Records 2019-2023 C.A. Dahl NORCE NFR
  Emit now, mitigate later? IMPlications of temperature OverShoots for the Earth system 2019-2022 J. Schwinger NORCE NFR
  Natural and societal consequences of climate-forced changes of Jostedalsbreen Ice Cap 2020-2023 J. Bakke UiB-GEO NFR
  Quantifying past and future sea level changes in Norway 2020-2023 J-I.  Svendsen UIB-GEO NFR
  Past changes in inter-annual climate variability: linking tropical and high latitude 2020-2023 C. Andersson NORCE NFR