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Seminar talk: Forced changes in the seasonal cycle of the marine carbon cycle and ecosystems

The seminar talk will be held by Keith Rodgers from IBS Center for Climate Physics, Busan, South Korea, on Thursday 18 August.



Recently increasing attention has been drawn to the question of whether the seasons are changing under anthropogenic climate forcing. Changes in the seasonal cycle can be identified in not only the physical state of the climate system, but also in biogeochemical cycles and ecosystems. Here we will consider two types of forced changes, namely changes in the amplitude and changes in the phase of the seasonal cycle for the case of marine biogeochemistry and ecosystems. For the case of amplitude changes, we consider the case of sea surface pCO2 over recent decades (1985-2018) through analyses developed as a component of the RECCAP2 project. For the case of phasing we consider forced future changes in global phytoplankton phenology using a large ensemble suite of simulations with GFDL's ESM2M under historical/RCP8.5 forcing. Both cases will be considered for their potential impacts.

portrait Keith Rodgers
Keith Rodgers

Short biography

BA in Physics from Reed College in Portland Oregon.

PhD in Oceanography from Columbia University in New York, NY.

Postdoctoral work at MPI Hamburg and IPSL in France.

Researcher at Princeton and then Senior Researcher at IBS Center for Climate Physics in Busan, South Korea.


The seminar talk will take place at Jahnebakken 5, lecture room 4020 on Thursday August 18 at 1 PM.