The Bjerknes Centre is a collaboration on climate research, between the University of Bergen, Uni Research, the Institute of Marine Research, Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre.

2010 - A year in transition

2010 has in many ways been a year in transition for the Bjerknes Centre, writes the Centre’s diretor Eystein Jansen in the fresh Annual Report for 2010.

In terms of peer review publications, 2010 was the most productive year ever, totalling 105 published papers. It paves the way for the last two years of the Centre of Excellence (CoE) funding in 2011 and 2012, which will focus on scientific syntheses to summarise key findings and provide conclusions on many of the central topics we have been working on over the last years.

In BCCR’s Annual Report you can read about science highlighs, outreach and media highlights, meetings, education and collaboration, in additon to hard facts about the Bjerknes Centre.

BCCR Annual Report 2010 kan be downloaded here .