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Seminar: ‘Deciphering the water cycle of Arctic weather systems from airborne measurements

Harald Sodemann from GFI will give a seminar talk on August 22.


The seminar will take place in the Bjerknes lecture room (4th floor, room 4020) – in addition, there will be the possibility to join on zoom.


The hydrological cycle is a large source of uncertainties in weather prediction and climate models. Many advanced numerical diagnostics are available to disentangle the transport pathways of water vapor from source to sink and to identify links in the climate system on different time scales. Testing these diagnostics and ultimately improving models relies on difficult-to-collect data of evaporation sources and moisture transport. This talk explores how coordinated airborne and ground-based measurements of water vapor, rain, and snow, including their isotope composition, can be combined with models to extract detailed views of the entire transport history of atmospheric waters. Such constraints open doors towards improved understanding and better constraints for models of the coupled Earth System. The talk will introduce to the first public screening of an 11 min movie about the ISLAS2022 fieldwork, filmed by a professional film crew.

Portrett Sodemann
Harald Sodemann

The Speaker:

Harald Sodemann is a Professor in Meteorology at the Geophysical Institute and holds a PhD in Dynamic Meteorology from ETH Zürich. His research interests include atmospheric dynamics and transport processes on weather and climate time scales. A particular focus of his research lies on using a combination of theory, model-based diagnostics, and observational constraints to unravel the atmospheric water cycle and to connect evaporation, water vapor transport, and precipitation.