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Seminar talk: Observed and projected changes in the Gulf of Bothnia, Baltic Sea

Laura Tuomi will give a seminar talk on September 27.

Portrait Laura Tuomi
Laura Tuomi

Short biography

Dr. Laura Tuomi is the Head of the Marine Research Unit at the Finnish Meteorological Institute. The Marine Research Unit is responsible for the physical oceanography and sea ice research in Finland. The research is based on national and international cooperation and includes the study of sea ice, surface waves and sea level as well as ocean hydrography and circulation. Dr. Tuomi has over 20 years of working experience with oceanographic modelling and physical oceanography of the Baltic Sea. Her recent research topics include studying climate change impacts on the surface waves, hydrography and circulation in the Gulf of Bothnia, Baltic Sea.



In the Gulf of Bothnia, Baltic Sea the effects of climate change are expected to be pronounced. So far the environmental state of this area has been fairly good, but recent year have shown for example an increase in cyanobacteria blooms, especially in the southern part of the gulf. The area is also an essential resource in terms of offshore energy production, aquaculture and use of seabed resources. In order to enable sustainable use of the resources, environmental impacts and effects of climate change need to be assessed. The presentation will introduce our recent findings in the observed and projected changes in the state of the Gulf of Bothnia. The focus is in the surface waves, hyrdography, ice conditions and circulation, but also the changes in the biogeochemistry will be discussed. The results are based on work done in SmartSea project – “Gulf of Bothnia as Resource for Sustainable Growth“ – which focused on providing science-based guidance for sustainable use of marine resources and involved altogether eight research institutes.


Arranged date for the seminar talk: Sep 27, 2022 at 10:15, BCCR lecture room 4020, Jahnebakken 5.