Understanding climate
for the benefit of society

Each year Bjerknes scientists contribute to more than 250 peer-reviewed scientific publications. These are some of our most frequent topics, illustrated by Anne Morée.

How to include BCCR in your publication 

Two steps to make your publication count


To make sure we count all Bjerknes publications during a year, two steps are crucial:

1. Including the BCCR affiliation to your publications

This is actually one of your obligations when joining the BCCR. 


The preferred way to do this is:

Home institution and Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, Bergen, Norway

for example:

Department of Biology, University of Bergen and Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, Bergen, Norway


Institute of Marine Research and Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, Bergen, Norway


Alternatively use two affiliations, for example:


1Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center, Bergen Norway

2 Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, Bergen, Norway


Since Bjerknes is not a legal entity, a Bjerknes Publication is self-defined. It is important for the Bjerknes Centre to keep track of all the publications from affiliated scientists.


2. Notify us via publications@bjerknes.uib.no

Please send the full bibliographic reference to publications@bjerknes.uib.no when the publication is public. 

The publication will be added to the publications list for the current year. 

The emails are received by the administration, including the communications team. 

You will most likely be asked to write a popular abstract of your article to be distributed via the BCCR twitter feed. 


Some articles have more impact, some publications are more technincal than others. Some publications have a potential for outreach to the society.  


Please don't hesitate to tell the communcation team if your article should have some special interest, should be given attention. 

Criterias to get extra attention can be BCCR first author, many BCCR authors and a publication in a high impact journal in your discipline. 

For interesting publications it will be nice to get notified well ahead of publishing date. 


Find the publications list here