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Seminar talk: Midlatitude Rossby waves and their links to higher and lower latitudes

Tim Woollings from University of Oxford is a guest researcher at the Bjerknes Centre, and will give a seminar talk on January 13.    

Tim Woolings
Tim Woollings

Short biography:

Tim is an Associate Professor in Physical Climate Science at the physics department in Oxford. He has interests in atmospheric circulation and climate variability and change, and recently wrote a popular science book on the jet stream. Tim is just starting a 6-month sabbatical visit to Bergen and is looking forward to meeting and working with lots of researchers here.



Considerable uncertainty remains over how atmospheric Rossby waves in midlatitudes will alter as the climate warms. Much attention has focused on potential influences from the rapidly warming Arctic, and this is used to introduce some ongoing work on waves and weather patterns at mid to high latitudes.


However, the main focus of the talk will be on tropical influences. Specifically, we will introduce a stationary wave pattern affecting much of the northern midlatitudes in summer, which appears to be triggered by variability in the tropical Pacific. Furthermore, we present evidence of non-stationarity in this teleconnection, which may result from warming trends in the tropical oceans.


Arranged date for the seminar talk: Jan 13, 2020 at 14:15 , Bjerknes seminar room 4020, Jahnebakken 5