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Seminar talk: A high-level analysis of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice in CMIP6

Jakob Dörr from the Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen, will give a seminar talk on June 8.  

Foto av Jakob Dörr
Jakob Dörr

Short biography:

I got my master's degree from the University of Hamburg in 2019. After that, I worked as a research assistant at the Max-Planck-Institute for Meteorology, in the research group of Dirk Notz, working on the initial analysis of CMIP6 simulations. I started my PhD position at the Geophysical Institute (UiB) in November 2019. I am interested in past and future drivers of Arctic sea-ice variability.


I present the first high-level analysis of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice in 40 models of the 6th coupled model intercomparison project (CMIP6). We evaluate the simulated sea-ice area over the satellite era, as well as projections for the 21st century based on different emission scenarios. Compared to previous CMIP experiments, the CMIP6 ensemble shows modest improvements, and more realistically captures the observational estimate, especially for the Arctic. However, most CMIP6 models fail to observe a plausible sensitity of the sea-ice area to a given amount of global warming, especially in the Antartic, where most models simulate a loss of sea ice over the satellite era. In the vast majority of the available CMIP6 simulations, the Arctic Ocean becomes sea-ice free in September for the first time before the year 2050 in each of the emission scenarios examined.


Arranged date for the seminar talk: June 08, 2020