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Seminar: Don't have the time to read it all? Current research on science communication in a nutshell

Mirjam Glessmer from Leibniz Institute of Science and Mathematics Education, Kiel, Germany will give seminar talk on 15 October 2018

Mirjam Glessmer
Mirjam Glessmer

Short biography:

Dr. Mirjam Glessmer is a physical oceanographer and science communicator. Mirjam worked at BCCR/GFI on Nordic Seas freshwater as a post doc. During this time she had the privilege to teach the Intro to Oceanography, tank experiments and student cruises, as well as be involved in many outreach projects. This, together with a Master in Higher Education which she finished during her time in Bergen, gave her the skills to change careers into science communication. Mirjam now works as scientific coordinator of the "Kiel Science Outreach Campus", a large project in science communication research, and leads a school lab on the climate system. She also consults on oceanography outreach projects with institutions in Germany, Sweden, and Norway. Mirjam is visiting BCCR/GFI as Bjerknes Visiting Fellow this October.



In my talk, I will give an overview over the current hot topics in science communication research and my interpretation of what we can learn for planning, conducting, and evaluating outreach projects in ocean and climate sciences. I will provide examples of what works and what doesn't, welcome your feedback, and hopefully also give you some ideas and inspiration for your outreach! There will be time for discussion of your concrete – or not so concrete – plans, either during the seminar or during my stay here at BCCR.


Arranged date for the seminar talk: Oct 15, 2018