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Seminar talk: How skiing during Easter can help understand the atmospheric water cycle

Harald Sodemann from the Geophysical institute at UiB/Bjerknes will give a seminar talk on Dec.16.  

Portrett av Sodemann
Harald Sodemann

Short biography:

Harald Sodemann is a Professor in Meteorology at the Geophysical Institute, specialising in understanding the Atmospheric Water cycle by combining observations and model tools. With a PhD in Atmospheric Dynamics from ETH Zürich, he has collaborated extensively with colleagues in different parts of Europe and further abroad. Sodemann is PI and co-PI in several research projects, including his the ERC Consolidator Grant project ISLAS.



Snapshot sampling of the snowpack or surface hydrology is a valuable means to obtain spatial gradients of hydrologic variables. The stable isotope composition allows for identification of atmospheric processes during water transport or after snow deposition to the ground. Spatially resolved snapshot sampling of the water stable isotope composition in the snowpack across Norway has been carried out during the Easter week 2019 with the help of ordinary citizens. In total 80 participants collected more than 200 samples distributed across snow-covered regions of Norway. Samples have been analyzed for oxygen and hydrogen isotopes to assess the melting state and sublimation loss of the snow pack. Clear instructions and rigid data screening were key in ensuring sufficient data quality from this citizen science experiment. Thereby, we were able to obtain a unique snapshot of the late spring snowpack water isotope composition has been obtained. The data set will be applied to constrain isotope-enabled snow pack models and regional atmospheric models. Furthermore, the involvement of ordinary citizens in a scientific experiment provided the basis for valuable outreach activity.


Venue and time: Room 200, GFI, Allegaten 70 at 14:15