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Drifting snow in the low February sun in Norwegian mountains. Photo: Ellen Viste 

Are you our new research theme leader? 

We are looking for an associate professor in large-scale atmospheric dynamics, to lead one of our four research themes. 


We are searching for our new research theme leader at the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research.

The position is an associate professor at the Geophysical Institute, and the successful applicant will have the role of research leader in large-scale atmospheric dynamics.

We are particularly encouraging early to mid-career scientists with a leadership potential to apply. The successful applicant is expected to initiate and deliver high-quality research and will lead one of the thematic research groups at the Bjerknes Centre.

The research leader position has a special emphasis on linking BCCR’s partners and climate research initiatives by engaging actively in BCCR’s leader group and research themes.

The appointee will be formally and permanently employed by the Geophysical Institute at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, but with work place and assigned role as research leader at BCCR as long as the Centre for Climate Dynamics funding (see below) remains.


Have a look at the full job descrition here!