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Presentation of SKD-projects: MARGINS

Researchers, goals, main results, the next step


MARGINS: Greenland Margins: Glacial Ice, Ocean and Atmospheric Dynamics


What are the goals of the project?

MARGINS seeks to understand how the small ice caps, mountain glaciers and outlet glaciers along the margins of Greenland interact with the atmosphere, ocean and sea ice, as they respond more quickly to climatic changes than the vast Greenland ice sheet. We are investigating the processes backwards in time with main focus on the Holocene, the last 12.000 years. By gaining comprehensive knowledge focused on one particular area - Southeast Greenland - we aim to able to use of these findings in other regions as well.

What are the main results so far?

One of the emerging results thus far are the new paleoclimate records from lakes in the Sermilik fjord region, and new understanding of the behaviour of the ice-sheet outlet glaciers in response to climate forcing. Little research has been conducted on lakes in this region of Greenland making our research important for further understanding of the ongoing processes of climate change.

What are the future plans?

We will continue to map out the natural variability of paleoclimates going back to the Holocene, and also to better integrate the modelling and observational components: MARGINS has a strong interdisciplinary research approach, thus we hope to integrate even more researchers to this project as we see the great benefit of sharing knowledge and ideas across disciplines and institutions.

Who is involved?

NERSC: Victoria Miles, Linling Chen

IMR: Lars Asplin, Paul Budgell

UiB: Jostein Bakke, Kerim Nisancioglu, Eystein Jansen, Anna Hughes, Atle Nesje, Jo Brendryen, Willem van de Bilt

Uni Research: Martin Miles, Stefan Sobolowski, Trond Dokken, Lu Li, Anne Bjune, Petra Langebroek

Duration: 2015 - 2017