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After a field trip to Kerguelen around Christmas time in 2019, several research studies have emerged. Talin Tuestad and Jarle Børve Sleire from the Department of Earth Science at UiB and the Bjerknes Centre have been working with moraines and sediment cores from the island.

It has been almost nine years with courses, summer schools and exchange of knowledge and experiences. Tuesday, the research school CHESS has its final Annual Meeting.  

The young researchers in the DEEPICE and SNOWISO projects are seeking deeper insights into our climate and polar history. Researcher Laura Jasmin Dietrich is part of the SNOWISO project to understand what different types of water isotopes in ice cores from Greenland can tell us about the past climate. 

Meet our new co-leader of the Global Climate research group. 
- I am a curiosity-driven scientist and passionate about paleoclimate research, says Margit Simon. 

The Bjerknes Climate Prediction Unit is gathering researchers from all over the world for a workshop on Climate Prediction and Services over the Atlantic-Arctic region. 105 researchers have registered for the workshop and will gather in Bergen between May 27th and 30th.  

Climate change affects everything from bathing temperatures to fish health and seafood safety. Many countries along the Atlantic Ocean rely on fish and seafood as their primary food source. Researchers have now taken a significant step closer to an operational climate warning system for the ocean.

Weather and climate services are rapidly developing around the world, however Africa is far behind. Erik Kolstad, researcher at NORCE and the Bjerknes Centre, is the co-author of an article in Nature Communications that looks at the challenges and presents solutions for sustainable weather and climate services in Africa.