Understanding climate
for the benefit of society


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A new paper in Nature communications explains why some climate processes are more effective than others at warming/cooling the Earth. By accounting for these differences we can more accurately determine the most important drivers of climate change in sensitive regions like the Arctic.

The Danish capital is combining growth and development with reduction of CO2-emissions, aiming to become the first carbon netural capital in the world. The Copenhagen project director Jørgen Abildgaard is visiting Bergen and the 4th Nordic conference for Climate Change Adaptation in August. 

Whether you want to predict the weather tomorrow or the climate in ten years, you’ll have to know what it’s like today. Yiguo Wang combines observations and models to find out where to start. 

Observations from the last fifty years have shown that the nights have been warming much faster than the days. Analysis of the causes of this more rapid warming at night shows that this is likely to continue in the coming decades.