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Seminar: Freak Waves and shallow water effects

Peter Janssen from ECMWF will give a seminar talk on Monday 28 May.

Peter Janssen
Peter Janssen

Short biography:

After my Ph D in plasma physics, I have worked on discovering properties of ocean waves since 1979. One the one hand I have been studying the consequences of nonlinear effects, resulting in some contribution to the generation of freak waves. On the other hand, I have been advocating coupling of atmosphere, ocean waves and ocean models since I realized that there is a strong interaction between ocean waves and wind.Most of my insights have been implemented in operational models resulting in an operational coupled atmosphere, ocean-wave and ocean circulation model.


In this presentation I would like to discuss a new version of the ECMWF freak wave warning system that will become operational in a years time. In this new version I have focussed on shallow water effects, and I have found that in particular bottom friction may lead to a coherent sea state which is more prone to have freakisg sea states

Arranged date for the seminar talk: May 28, 2018, BCCR seminar room 4020 at 14:15