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10.01.2022 14:15 - 10.01.2022 15:15

BCCR Cross-Theme Seminar: Cryosphere

Dear all,

the new year starts with an exciting BCCR seminar special event! Next Monday, 10th Jan, at 14:15 pm will be the second BCCR cross-theme seminar about the Cryosphere.

The seminar will be held online on zoom. Note, that the colloquium series will run from 14.15 - 15.15, slightly longer than the typically scheduled BCCR seminar slots. BCCR cross-theme seminars take place every first Monday of the month.

The cross-theme seminar will feature four separate talks:

  • Karita Kajanto: Icebergs in fjord circulation
  • Paul Halas: Assessing Greenland ice velocities trends
  • Matvey Debolskiy: Water balance response of permafrost-affected watersheds to changes in air temperatures
  • Nil Irvali: Reconstructing natural variability of Atlantic Water inflow to the Arctic during the Holocene


Best regards,
and Danielle

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12.01.2022 08:00 - 14.01.2022 17:00

CANCELLED: Bjerknes Getaway Seminar 2022

Unfortunately this has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 situation.

18.01.2022 10:30 - 18.01.2022 12:00

Special seminar: How to succeed with your project proposal – successful applicants share their experience

This seminar, arranged by the Bjerknes Proposal Writing Class, is mostly targeting early career scientists who will submit a proposal for the upcoming NFR deadline. It may also be useful for more experienced scientists who plan to submit. In addition, we cordially invite other experienced scientists to join the seminar and contribute to the discussion with their experiences about successful and unsuccessful proposals.
See you on zoom,
(NOTE: Contact Friederike Hoffmann for zoom link.)
Invited speakers:  
Elin Darelius
Associate Professor and Deputy Head of Department at GFI
Successful Proposals: NFR Researcher Project FJO2RD funded 2021; NFR Klimaninja – photo story 2021; NFR Researcher project 2017; NFR Young Research Talent 2014; EU Hydrolab+ 2016; + much more
Shengping He 
Researcher at GFI 
Successful proposals: NFR Researcher Project BASIC, funded 2021 
National Natural Science Foundation of China, funded 2015 and 2018; UiB Strategic Programme for International Research Collaboration, funded 2018
They will answer the following questions, as well as additional questions from the audience:
1. Why do you think that your proposal (NFR 2021) was successful? What made the trick, compared to other excellent proposals? 
• Specific reviewer comments in Excellence, Impact, Implementation that justify decision? 
• Your own opinion why you think this proposal was special? 
• What was the difference between this proposal and others of yours which were not successful (if any)? 
• Was this proposal a re-submission of a rejected proposal?  
• Did you get any support during proposal preparation, what was most helpful? 
2. Did you submit unsuccessful proposals during your career? If yes:  
• Did you always feel that rejection was justified? 
• Was it a waste of time to write these proposals? 
• Did you gain any benefit from unsuccessful proposals? (e.g. new networks, new ideas, structured ideas, resubmission was funded, re-use for other proposals,  …?) 
3. How can we be successful? 
• How can early career scientists find out if their idea/approach is “excellent”? 
• Any concrete tips for a successful proposal?