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MELTZER AWARD WINNERS: From the left Ole Hjortland (Dep. of Philosphy), Kikki Kleiven, the UiB rector Dac Rune Olsen and Alistair Seddon at the Meltzer Award 2016.  Photo: Thor Brødreskift

Meltzer Awards for Kikki and Alistair!

Kikki Kleiven got the Meltzer price for the best research communication, and Alistair Seddon the prize for best young scientist 2016.
We congratulate them both!   

The Meltzer Research Fund awards research prizes every yar on Lauritz Meltzers birthday March 8.

We are happy and proud to congratulate two Bjerknes scientists who received Meltzer awards this week.

Kikki Flesche Kleiven was awarded the prize for Excellent Dissemination of Research.

Read also (in Norwegian) Kikki er årets forskningsformidlar

Alistair Seddon got the Award for Young Researchers. 

The Meltzer Research Fund awards research prizes, funding for projects and travel stipends for researchers, and the funds are awarded every year on Lauritz Meltzer’s birthday, on March 8. Read more here  about this year's award winners. ( unfortunately only in Norwegian)