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"There is a direct line from Armauer Hansen and his friends to Elin and Petra and my experiments!", says KlimaNinja the Exhibition Guide. Here with Professor Elin Darelius (Left)and Petra Langebroek, researhcer at NORCE and the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research. Photo: Gudrun Sylte

Join KlimaNinja on a city tour

At Bryggen Museum for the next six months, KlimaNinja has taken on the role of exhibition guide. The exhibition takes you on a city tour among knowledgeable residents of Bergen from the 13th century to the present day, right up to the office of Elin Darelius at the Geophysical Institute.


The story of KlimaNinja began in 2016 when Petra Langebroek, a researcher at NORCE and the Bjerknes Center, was going on a month-long field trip to the Greenland Ice Sheet. To tell her two young sons back home, she brought along a small Lego Ninjago figure. The result was a story about the life of a researcher, with a sequel on the other side of the globe when her colleague, Professor Elin Darelius at the Geophysical Institute and the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, also borrowed the Lego figure.

The result was three magazines with KlimaNinja stories about research on the Greenland Ice Sheet, in the depths beneath the ice shelves of Antarctica, and in the depths of the Norwegian fjords.

It's this KlimaNinja that Bryggen Museum has embraced and expanded upon in the story of research in Bergen.

Elin Darelius og Lea Chiche
Elin's office at display in the Bryggen museum, here is Elin Darelius with her daughter Lea Chiche. Photo: Gudrun Sylte

In the exhibition, you can journey through time, from the early lawyer Audun Hugleiksson, who created the first Landslov (national law) with King Magnus Lagabøte. You can meet Absalon Beyer and Erik Pontoppidan, and look at Rektor Arentz's historical tables of rainfall measurements from the 1760s, Armauer Hansen and Christie's establishment of Bergen Museum, before catching a glimpse of the modern era of research and Professor Elin Darelius's office at the Geophysical Institute. All accompanied by historical tableaus built in Lego by the Lego artist Birgitte Jonsgard.

Birgitte Jonsgard
Birgitte Jonsgard with her private lego pieces. Museet utfordrar også besøkande til å bygge verk som kan hende også får plass i monteret? Foto: Gudrun Sylte 

The exhibition «Smarte bergensere?» is part of the Bergen City Museum's 150th anniversary celebration of Armauer Hansen and the discovery of the leprosy bacterium. The exhibition is open until March 10, 2024.