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Bjerknes Climate Prediction Unit welcomes to workshop

The Bjerknes Climate Prediction Unit is gathering researchers from all over the world for a workshop on Climate Prediction and Services over the Atlantic-Arctic region. 105 researchers have registered for the workshop and will gather in Bergen between May 27th and 30th.  


-We have a wide range of researchers, from those who work on developing the models to those who use the data and collaborate with stakeholders. Many researchers are not aware of all the work behind the models, which is not always necessary to know. However, in many cases, it can be useful to understand. Therefore, we have tried to incorporate the entire spectrum in the program. We have set aside time for good discussions, so everyone can bring their own perspective, and avoid siloed thinking, says Iselin Medhaug from NORCE and Bjerknes Centre, who is in the scientific organizing committee.  

New insight

This workshop will bring together leading researchers and practitioners to discuss recent advances and challenges in the field. It will cover predictions of the physical climate, biogeochemistry, and ecosystems, and their applications, such as transformation of these predictions into usable climate services. 

-I look forward to being together with people working in various fields. That`s what is great about such workshops. You have the opportunity to sit down and have coffee with people you would not normally meet, gaining new insights. I also look forward to the end product, what we are left with when we are done. The fact that we have managed to create something together, says Medhaug 

Society meets science 

The workshop will be arranged around three themes with a general focus on The Atlantic-Arctic region. The three are progress in understanding the mechanisms for predictability, development of climate prediction systems and emerging opportunities in climate prediction services.  

There will also be a session where the society meets science. An open conversation on climate risks, and how the latest science in climate predictability can help us. It is an informal discussion and networking for researchers, users and purveyors of climate information.  Stephanie Mayer from NORCE and Bjerknes Centre has been involved in the planning of this event.  

-We really hope that the stakeholders engage and show how they work, so the scientist can learn from them. And that the scientists shows what they are working on and how, so that it becomes useful both ways.  

Join online

The deadline to apply for the society meets science-event is May 15th. 

-We want to create an arena where scientists and stakeholders can meet and learn from each other, and to get the conversation started to solve real world problems with the latest research, says Medhaug. 

The event for the researchers is fully booked, but you can still register and join online. 
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The Bjerknes Climate Prediction Unit is supported by the Trond Mohn Research Foundation, and you can read more about the project HERE.