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Stephen Outten

I am currently involved in the SKD-RegScen project and the RECON project. In both of these, I am investigating the extreme winds in regional climate models using statistical analysis. In the RECON project, the work is focus on developing and assessing a methodology to incorporate future changes in extreme winds as projected by regional climate model into the planning stage for large-scale construction projects. As such, this project has focused on the Hardanger Bridge as a case study.
I am also involved in the study of multi-decadal variability in the Northern Hemisphere. This work has been done through the Bjerknes Compensation project, and partially through SKD-DynaWarm. In the Bjerknes Compensation project I established the existence of the Bjerknes Compensation mechanism in the Bergen Climate Model and identified the multi-decadal variability and spatial distribution of its impact. Through SKD-DynaWarm, I hope to identify this multi-decadal oscillation in paleo-climate data.
Separately from these ongoing projects, I also work on the study of Eurasian wintertime cooling and on the feedback mechanisms of the planetary boundary layer.


Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center

Jahnebakken 3, Bergen.

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Phone: +47 454 25 074