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Jan Even Øie Nilsen

Dr. Jan Even Øie Nilsen, male, born 1969, is trained as a physical oceanographer, and is currently employed as senior engineer responsible for data flow of physical oceanographic data at IMR. Nilsen's previous research has concerned climatic processes in the Nordic and Arctic Seas, as well as regional sea level change and impacts. Nilsen co-authored the official future sea level report for Norway in 2015, and subsequent climate reports for mainland Norway and Svalbard. Nilsen has since its start been part of the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research in Bergen.
Nilsen received his Dr. Scient. degree in physical oceanography, on the hydrography and dynamics of the Atlantic Water flow through the Norwegian Sea, from the Geophysical Institute (GFI), University of Bergen (UiB), Norway in 2003.
Specialties: Climatic processes in the ocean; sea level change; in situ ocean observations and databases, programming.  

ORCID: 0000-0003-2516-6106.
Cristin-person-ID: 48123.
Researchgate: Jan-Even-Nilsen.

Senioringeniør / Senior Engineer - Polar Climate

Havforskningsinstituttet / Institute of Marine Research

Nordnesgaten 50, 5005 Bergen

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Phone: 95 29 33 29