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Shunya Koseki

Current work is on climate modelling over the tropical Atlantic with Norwegian Earth System Model (NorESM). I am trying, in particular, to detect causes of sea surface temperature (SST) warm biases in the coupled model. Also, I am planning to investigate how the model’s climatological bias impact on the long-term variability.

Other works in progress/planning related to the project are:

  • Frontogensis of the Angola Benguela Frontal Zone
  • Physical association of Southern African continental rainfall and Benguela Ninos/Ninas. 

Project: Enhancing Prediction of Tropical Atlantic Climate and Its Impacts (PREFACE).

Please find my homepage and CV here

Forsker / Researcher - Global Climate

Geofysisk institutt, UiB / Geophysical Institute, UiB

Allegt. 70

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Phone: 55 58 98 24