Bjerknessenteret for klimaforskning er et samarbeid mellom Universitetet i Bergen, Norce, Nansensenteret og Havforskningsinstituttet. 

Yuanchao Fan

I am a bioclimatologist and Earth system modeler interested in land surface dynamics and climate impacts. I study the impacts of natural and human perturbations of the environment (e.g. climate change, land use change, permafrost thawing, extreme weather events and climate geoengineering) on biophysical and biogeochemical processes of terrestrial ecosystems and ecosystem services (e.g. food production) at site to global scales. My current work focuses on modeling climate and land use scenarios and model intercomparison (EU CRESCENDO and SKD LOES projects). I also maintain collaborative research on the effects of tropical land use change (deforestation and agricultural expansion, EFForTS project), using the CLM-Palm model I developed during my PhD. I take Earth system modeling, remote sensing, together with field observation as main research tools.


Project at NORCE Climate:

CRESCENDO: Coordinated research in earth systems and climate: experiments, knowledge, dissemination and outreach

Postdoktor/ postdoctor

NORCE Klima / NORCE Climate

Jahnebakken 5, 5007 Bergen, Norway

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