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Fanny Ekblom Johansson

I am from Sweden and have mostly studied in Uppsala but also Stockholm and Innsbruck before my phd here in Bergen. My background is in physical geography and hydrology. The main theme of my research is climate variability across the North Atlantic Ocean, I will compare glacial and climatic variability patterns on both sides. I have three sub-projects: The first involve mapping the subglacial topography of the plateau glacier Sørfonna (Folgefonna) which will be used as input data for modelling the glacier. During my second project I will fingerprint the sediment input of the lake Sandvinvatnet (east of Sørfonna) by sediment core analysis and investigate the lakes glacial connection with Sørfonna and flooding occurring in the area. My third project is in cooperation with the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland. I will investigate their two marine sediment cores collected west of the Greenland to reconstruct the outlet glacier Eqip Sermia. I am connected to two projects: MARGINS and TRANSENERGY.

Stipendiat /PhD Student

Institutt for geovitenskap, UiB/Department of Earth Science, UiB

Realfagbygget, Allegt 41, 7803 BERGEN

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Phone: 55588114