Bjerknessenterets mål er å forstå klima
til nytte for samfunnet.

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09.02.2023 00:00 - 09.02.2023 18:00
Auditorium 5, Realfagbygget, Allegaten 41

Celebration of John Inge Svendsen and his remarkable career at University of Bergen – from Bømlo to Bolshoye and back

Thursday 9 February 2023 – Auditorium 5 and on this Zoom link:




12:00 Welcome

Greetings from head of the department Atle Rotevatn

Greetings from the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research: Nele and Kerim

12:15 Atle Nesje and Jostein Bakke:

Highlights from John Inge`s scientific career

12:45 Haflidi Haflidason:

Fra Bolshoye Shchuchye til Sør Mesna

13:00 Inger Alsos Greve:

Ancient DNA from Polar Ural and elsewhere: how close are we to reconstructing past


13:30 Elisabeth Thomas:

Western Siberia experienced rapid shifts in moisture source and summer water balance during the last declaration an early Holocene

14:00 Anna Hughes:

Towards a palaeoglaciology of the Eurasian ice sheets

14:30 Carl Regnell:

Pulling the plug – the role of ice-dammed lakes on the final demise of the Scandinavian Ice


15:00 Jan Mangerud:

All Eurasian ice sheets melted away 50-60 ka ago


15.30 Coffe


15:45 Eiliv Larsen:

Volcanic impact on glacial events in Jan Mayen

16:15 Stein Bondevik:

Human occupation on a growing Tapes beach ridge at Longva, Western Norway

16:45 Richard Gyllencreutz:

Chirp sonar mapping of the Ikka Fjord column garden

17:15 Herbjørn Heggen:

From the ice ages in Russia to geohazard mapping in Norway


Closing remarks by John Inge Svendsen


18:00 Aperitif in EARTH LAB including slide show by Jan Mangerud

19:30 Dinner at Wessel Stuen (by invitation, sign up link will be sent out later)

14.02.2023 09:00 - 14.02.2023 17:00
Bjerknes lecture room (4th floor, room 4020)

BCCR Regional Climate Information mini-Workshop 14 February

Dear all,



It is with great pleasure that we are organising for the first time in Bergen a joint workshop across different groups and different approaches to provide and utilise regional climate information. The event will take place on the 14th of February as an all-day event, 9-17. The venue will be at the seminar room at the top floor at Jahnebakken 5


The mini-workshop aims to bring together the diverse community within the Bjerknes Centre who work to understand and communicate local to regional climate, climate change and its consequences. The distillation of regional climate information is as diverse as its actors. A wide range of methods (numerical, statistical, hybrid, etc.) and goals (fundamental understanding, adaptation support, climate services, etc.) are its hallmarks. We aim to raise awareness about the many different research activities in BCCR that are related to regional information and the value of this research to society.


It is our ambition is to raise awareness of the diversity of approaches and tools used at Bjerknes to do research on regional climate information as well as the value of our research to society. A few examples could be highlighted aiming at being presented as “storyboards” (see e.g.,, which may become a strong outreach element, useful also to a broader audience of users.


Hopefully, by getting everyone with an interest updated on ongoing, planned or dreams of future activities together, new ideas and collaborations can be fostered.



A likely schedule for the day looks like this:


9-9.25 Opening

9.25-10.50 Block 1

10.50-11.05 Break

11.05-12.00 Block 2 (part 1)


12.00-13.00 Lunch


13.00-13.30 Block 2 (part 2)

13.30-15.00 Block 3

15.00-15.15 Break

15.15-16.40 Block 4

16.40-17.00 Wrap up: ways forward



Each of the blocks are coordinated under the following four themes, while the order of presentations is still subject to changes.

Oceans: Anne Britt Sandø

Atmosphere: Shunya Koseki

Climate Services: Stephanie Mayer

Extremes: Stephen Outten


More details on the event will soon be circulated along with information about where to sign up.