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02.06.2022 13:00 - 02.06.2022 14:00
University Aula, UiB

Conferment Ceremony for Honorary Doctors at UiB, including Fiamma Straneo

For invited guests. (Any available spaces will be announced.)

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03.06.2022 11:00 - 03.06.2022 13:00
VilVite, Thormøhlensgate 51

Guest lecture: "An oceanographer's journey to the edge of the Greenland Ice Sheet through collaborative, inclusive, interdisciplinary science”

Lecture by Honorary Doctor at UiB  Fiamma Straneo (Scripps/UCSD).


13.06.2022 09:00 - 13.06.2022 12:00
Bjerknes lecture room (4th floor, room 4020)

Carbon System meeting on Marine Ecosystem Modelling

We’ll be focusing on marine ecosystem modelling, in anticipation of the KLIMAFORSK 2023 call on effects of climate change on nature and society. We will be having coffee and tea for all of you.

We will be having presentations from:

Friederike Fröb (NorESM)

Morten Skogen (NORWECOM)

Annette Samuelsen (HYCOM-ECOSMO)

Filippa Fransner (NorCPM)

Cecilie Hansen (special guest from IMR, she works with the Atlantis ecosystem model)

Francois Counillon (parameter estimation).


And a bit of discussion on the topic to see if we can identify some ideas for proposals.


The meeting will take place in the seminar room, 4th floor GFI west wing. We will run it as a hybrid meeting, since Annette is in Oslo this week and will participate remotely.