Understanding climate
for the benefit of society

Stefan Pieter Sobolowski

Currently my research focuses on improving our knowledge of present and future climate, climate change and climate variability at local to regional scales. In particular, I focus on understanding the physical mechanisms driving meteorological and hydrological responses to both internal and external forcings and evaluate the impacts these responses may have on human and natural systems. Additionally, I am actively engaged with a variety of user communities in order to better determine their climate information needs and to clearly communicate the relevant features of the climate system and place the narratives of climate variability and change in local to regional contexts.

Projects: Norske Klimaservicesenter, CORDEX, IMPACT2C, ECLISE, SKD-RegSCEN, RiskChange, Uni Climate Services

A conversation with Stefan Sobolowski (Earth Institute, Colombia Univeristy, 2010)

Forsker I / Researcher I

NORCE Klima / NORCE Climate

Jahnebakken 5, 5007 BERGEN

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E-mail: stso@norceresearch.no

Phone: 56107554