The Bjerknes Centre is a collaboration on climate research, between the University of Bergen, NORCE, the Institute of Marine Research, Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre.

Mathew Stiller-Reeve

My PhD research is about the monsoon in Bangladesh. More specifically,  I look at how the people in Bangladesh perceive the monsoon onset, and   how science defines it. Should science adapt to the people’s  perceptions or vice versa?

It turns out that heavy early season rainfall in northeast Bangladesh

causes the discrepancies we see between perception and science. I look at the mechanisms that cause this rainfall using model and reanalysis data. We have also developed a statistical technique to compare scientific monsoon definitions to the perceptions of the people. We use this technique to indicate which definition may be best suited to decision making applications.


I also work with science communication and started in 2012. ClimateSnack is an international community where young and early career climate scientists work together to improve their writing and communication skills.

Forsker II / Researcher II

NORCE Klima / NORCE Climate

Jahnebakken 5, 5007 Bergen

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