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Jerry Tjiputra

My research focuses on applying Earth system models, complemented withobservational evidence, to study how the ocean carbon cycle and ecosystem respond to various climate change from interannual up to centennial timescales. In particular, I am interested in the physical and biogeochemical mechanisms governing the variation of ocean carbon sources and sinks from the near-past and into the future and how they interact with and feedback to the climate. Recently, I have also used the model to study impact of the global carbon cycle to natural and anthropogenic external forcing in the climate system, such as volcanic eruption and idealized climate engineering.

Together with the biogeochemistry group in Uni, we apply an integrated (modeling and analytical) approach to get the full picture of terrestrial and ocean carbon cycle role in regulating the climate. We contribute to the Global Carbon Project and better understanding of climate change impact on high latitude permafrost system, marine ecosystem and ocean acidification. The group also plays a key contributing role in developing and maintaining the carbon cycle components of the Norwegian Earth system model (NorESM).

Forsker I / Researcher I - Carbon System

NORCE Climate and Environment

Jahnebakken 5, 5007 BERGEN

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E-mail: jetj@norceresearch.no

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