Understanding climate
for the benefit of society

Erik Kolstad

Main research interests
• Climate dynamics
• Numerical weather modelling and dynamical downscaling
• Predictability and natural variability from intra-seasonal to multi-decadal time scales
• Mesoscale weather phenomena (such as polar lows)
• Troposphere – stratosphere interactions
• Climate change impacts on health

Current Projects: HordaClim, R3, TRACKS, SNOWGLACE

Member of organising committee and contact person for the 4th Nordic Conference on Climate Change Adaptation held in Bergen august 2016.

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In the news:

Jo, da - det blir bare våtere (2016)

Dyrere for de mest værutsatte (2015)

Skreddersyr klimakunnskap for kommuner (2015)

Drittvær i et klimaperspektiv (2015)

Forsker I / Researcher I

NORCE Klima / NORCE Climate

Jahnebakken 5

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E-mail: ekol@norceresearch.no

Phone: 56 10 75 31 / 41 12 24 57