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Elin Darelius

Oceanographer focusing on the polar regions. In my work, I combine in situ observations with laboratory experiments and numerical models to explore e.g. mesoscale variability, secondary circulation, topographic steering, turbulence and mixing.

In the news: 

”Isen är vacker och viktig” (2016)

Matte og fysikkoppgaver live fra Antarktis (2015)

Hva har denne drinken med havet å gjøre? (2015)

Hur påverkas Antarktis is av varma strömmar? (2014)


LoTUS - WEDDEL: Installation and testing of autonomous bottom temperature recording buoys on the continental shelf in the Weddell Sea

WARM: Inflow of Warm Deep Water onto the Antarctic Continental Shelves

FRIS-OBS: Observing the sub-ice shelf circulation and the outflow of dense Ice Shelf Water from

GETZ: Installing phase sensitive radars on the Getz Ice-shelf, Antarctica

FILCHNER: Monitoring the warm inflow towards the Filchner Ice Shelf



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Professor - Polar Climate

Geofysisk institutt, UiB / Geophysical Institute, UiB

Allegaten 70, 5007 Bergen

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E-mail: elin.darelius@uib.no

Phone: 55 58 25 99 / 980 83 368