Understanding climate
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Bjørg Risebrobakken

I want to understand how and why climate have changed in the past, and what we can learn from the past that may have implications for long-term future climate. I have a primary focus on past warm climate at high Northern latitudes, with expertise on Pliocene, Eemian and Holocene climate. In addition to studying of past warm climate, I have investigated glacial climate and deglaciations. I have a preference for multi-proxy studies and for integrating available regional information, from ocean and land. I have worked together with climate modellers and instrumentalists on past, present and future climate questions and appreciate how such collaborations add to the dynamical and mechanistically understanding. My aim for the near future is to build on and expand on the work I have done for Pliocene, Eemian and Holocene and investigate the impacts, effects and responses to warm climate and dependence on forcing.

Forsker I / Researcher I - Polar Climate

NORCE Climate and Environment

Jahnebakken 5

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E-mail: bjri@norceresearch.no

Phone: 56 10 75 48