The Bjerknes Centre is a collaboration on climate research, between the University of Bergen, Uni Research, the Institute of Marine Research, Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre.

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05-12-2017 13:00 - 08-12-2017 12:52
BCCR Unervisningsrom 4020

BCCR/GFI Seminar: Stable water isotopes in atmospheric circulation models

Name of speaker: Stephan Pfahl, affiliation: ETH Zurich. Follow link for abstract. 

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05-12-2017 13:00 - 05-12-2017 14:00
BCCR Undervisningrom 4020

BCCR/GFI Seminar: Stable isotopes in the regional climate model COSMO

Speaker: Stephan Pfahl (ETH Zurich) will give a seminar talk on December 5, at 13:00.

06-12-2017 15:00 - 08-12-2017 13:25
Palstrat. salen, 2. floor Department of Earth Science, Allègaten 41

International Quaternary Webinar: Mary Edwards et. al, Southampton University

Speaker: Mary Edwards et. al, Southampton University.Remote access (if you can’t join the seminar you can follow on phone, tablet or lap top)

07-12-2017 13:15 - 07-12-2017 15:00
Sted: Auditorium 4, Realfagbygget, Allégaten 41

Disputas: Caroline Clotten

MSc. CAROLINE CLOTTEN disputerer for ph.d.-graden. Avhandlingens tittel: ”Pliocene Sea Ice Evolution in the Iceland and Labrador Seas - A Biomarker Approach”

Adgang for interesserte tilhørere. Velkommen til lokalet i god tid før disputasen!

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07-12-2017 13:15 - 07-12-2017 15:00
Auditorium 105, Jahnebakken 3. (Geofysisk institutt)

Disputas: Ingrid Husøy Onarheim

MSc. Ingrid Husøy Onarheim disputerer for ph.d.-graden torsdag 7. desember 2017 kl. 13.15, Auditorium 105, Jahnebakken 3. (Geofysisk institutt) .Avhandlingens tittel:

”Regional, seasonal, and predictable Arctic sea ice change”.Adgang for interesserte tilhørere. Velkommen til lokalet i god tid før disputasen!

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11-12-2017 10:15 - 11-12-2017 11:00
BCCR Undervisningsrom 4020

BCCR/GFI Seminar: Spiral eddies, an anecdotal review

Speaker: Tor Eldevik. Tor leads the Polar Climate Research Theme of the Bjerknes Centre

18-12-2017 10:15 - 18-12-2017 11:00
BCCR Undervisningsrom 4020, Jahnebakken 5

BCCR/GFI Seminar: "Cirque glacier on South Georgia shows repeated centennial variability over the last 7000 years"

Speaker: Lea Oppedal, Department of Earth Science, UIB will give a seminar on 18 December, 10:15