Understanding climate
for the benefit of society

Stefan Sobolowski. Photo: Gudrun Sylte

Presentation: Stefan Sobolowski

In February Stefan Sobolowski started as leader for the Global Climate research group. 


Stefan Sobolowski is theme leader for Global Climate at the Bjerknes Centre. He is also project leader of Impetus4Change (I4C) through NORCE


-Complicated. Bachelors in Anthropology at Vassar College. Masters in physical Geography at Hunter College, and then PhD in Earth and Environmental Engineering at Columbia University. 

Work experience: 

-I have waited on more tables and poured more late-night/early-morning coffees than I care to remember.

What will you bring into the new role you have at the Bjerknes Centre?  

-Empathy, curiosity, respect.

What is important for you research-wise, going forward? 


-We still lack robust physical understanding of how climate change will play out at the scales that matter most i.e., where the impacts are experienced, and adaptation must happen. This, in a nutshell, is my primary research motivation. I employ a wide array of tools to work towards this goal from physical models of varying complexity and scales to impacts models to purely statistical deep learning emulators of the climate system.